We’re off on our 2019 Christmas shopping. And in Burgundy, there’s no shortage of gift ideas. Here are our favourites.

Our gift ideas for Christmas 2019

In 3 weeks it's Christmas, and you’re running out of gift ideas. Between Grandpa and Grandma who need nothing and have everything, your husband who dreams only of the latest Audi Q7 but which really is out of budget, your youngest who thinks only of the latest Mario Kart 8 Deluxe while you’d rather he got out of his room, and even you amongst all this don’t know what subliminal message to send to your loved ones regarding the gift you dream of.
Here at the Beaune and Pays Beaunois Tourist Office, the whole team pooled their common wishlist, and we’ve decided to share with you our ideas for places to find the perfect gift for all your family members in and around Beaune.

Where to find your grandpa’s present?

We know how much grandpa likes it, so why hesitate? After all, we're not in Burgundy for nothing. Offering him a nice bottle of wine is still a sure-fire bet on the Christmas shopping list. And what about offering him a wine tasting? Patriarche and Millésimes à la Carte offer special wine tasting. You can also visit the wine shops in and around Beaune if you’re running out of time.
You have nothing against giving bottles as presents, but after 15 years of giving a bottle of wine to your grandpa, he might end up getting a little bit peeved. Even if he’s a fan of the Hautes Côtes de Beaune. How about a bottle of Whisky? In Beaune, we have our specialist, Whiskies and Spirit. And if you can't find the perfect bottle among the 250 whiskies on offer, you can always fall back on local Chagny beer from the Brasserie l'Audacieuse.

Our gift ideas for Grandma

She’s becoming more and more fond of her food is Grandma, so we have some excellent news, because we have loads of gourmet addresses in Beaune. To begin with, there’s a place that will remind her of her childhood memories. Ferme Fruirouge, a blackcurrant specialist, produces jams, fruit butters, drinks (traditional crème de cassis, ratafia and Vod'K6), condiments like ketchup with blackcurrant, now famous among the great chefs. In short, there’s something that’ll make a really great gift for Grandma.
What about chocolates? Too conventional? You only say that because you haven't tasted the "chocolate masterpieces" from Appellation Chocolat in Pommard. Beatrice and Michel DESSOLINS will change your view of chocolate. And Grandma will ask for more next year. It's the gift that keeps on giving!
Traditional, natural, craftsmanship - these are values Grandma holds dear. She loves to buy local and adores natural products. So she’ll love Strega della Veda's cosmetics. This herbal medicinal cosmetics maker, located in Change, offers products such as St John’s wort soap, moon oil and light-leg oil.


Beautiful gift ideas for an exceptional mum

As the popular saying goes: "We only get one mother, so we have to take care of her". So at the Beaune Tourist Office, the 20 women in the team thought that small, enjoyable gifts would be better than a full set of pans, even though we have nothing against wonderful pans. But this year, we’d love some more enjoyable gifts. As you can see, this paragraph is a bit biased...

In the centre of Beaune, Hotel le Cep offers the Marie de Bourgogne Spa, a chic and refined place to go. It has plenty of wellness experiences: from fitness treatments with cryotherapy to exclusively wellness treatments with sauna, steam room and sensory shower, there’s something for all women and all mothers.

In Meursault, there’s a Fruititherapy® spa hidden away at the Cueillette. This 500 m2 space offers exclusive treatments, based on the medicinal virtues (antioxidant action, rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements) of red berries such as blackcurrant, Burgundy’s iconic fruit. Their blackcurrant-based wrap, Cassissothérapie® by Cassissium, is amazing, with all your senses encouraged to relax.

At the Château de Chailly spa, it’s possible to book your "Day just for yourself" or your wife or mother, in that case. This offer also includes lunch at the Rubillon restaurant, so why not share the moment and give two gifts in one, your wife's and your own!

A romantic Christmas in Burgundy: gift ideas for couples in love

Like Tuscany, Burgundy is a romantic destination. You’ll find restaurants in Beaune and its surrounding villages where it’s nice to spend some time as a couple. It's always nice to share a candlelit dinner when you're in love, but there are experiences that guarantee you even more thrills. So why not make the most of Christmas and treat yourself to this kind of experience?
First of all, Sir or Madam, you can offer your soulmate dinner on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. We present the restaurants, hotels and châteaux that offer festive meals in our article "Where to spend  to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve Gala dinners 2019 in Beaune?".
Let's move on to mega-thrills with hot air balloon flights. Air Escargot, France Montgolfières and Beaune Montgolfières will take you on a high ... 2000 metres up, offering you incredible views of the Hospices de Beaune and its vineyards.
And for more thrills still, there’s a helicopter ride. The RP Events Agency can arrange a flight to admire the Côte d'Or from the sky.

Why not treat yourself to a family activity as a gift?

At a time when we spend more time on our smartphones than chatting with family around the table, a Christmas gift for the whole family would be a great way to remember the festive period this year. And there’s no shortage of activity ideas.
For fans of Little House on the Prairie, Attelage Beaune Passion offers horse-drawn carriage rides through the vineyards. It’s much less tiring than a bike and much more original. It won't be hard to get your kids dreaming with this type of gift.
What about sharing out the tasks? All members of the family can do some work in the kitchen ... and they’ll all be eager to after a pastry course at Flaveurs et Chefs. Renowned pastry chefs provide their professional tips for making superb pastries... superb and delicious.
We're changing tack now with Fox Survie. As you’ll appreciate, it’s a great way to strengthen family ties by enjoying an experience worthy of adventure films. You'll come out stronger. And finally, to convince any recalcitrant teenagers, there’s a marshmallow barbecue during the course.