Discover a rare gem in Beaune's antique shops!

Beaune is known for being a city full of riches because it is Burgundy’s wine capital. We also find this wealth in its architectural heritage, as well as because of the fact it has kept what other cities have lost: its antique shops!


Beaune – city of antique shops

In the age of IKEA, we almost forget that they exist, and yet there are still around twenty antique shops in Beaune.
Heading for the city centre, you can easily find one of its antique shops, such as Rue Maufoux, or near the Notre-Dame collegiate church. Others can be found in the districts around the station. And finally, on the boulevard, there is the antique shop village.

Antique shop treasures

While browsing around Beaune, you can’t help but be fascinated by the diversity and quality of objects, furniture and all the other items that can be found in its antique shops.
These range from jewellery to silk scarves, Louis XVI card tables to imposing Louis XIII cabinets, decorative 18th-century porcelain statuettes to Romanesque stone statues.
In short, you can find rare and unique works that bring character to your room.