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To accompany your Galette des Rois, there's nothing like a Crémant de Bourgogne.La Galette des Rois: a New Year's tradition

King’s cake in Burgundy

La Galette des Rois: a New Year's tradition

Traditionally, the Galette des Rois is eaten on the first Sunday in January. This year, you can enjoy this delicious pastry from January 7.

Let’s make the pleasure last longer. The Galette period usually runs from Epiphany (January 6) to Mardi-Gras (February 13, 2024). This tradition dates back to the Romans, who celebrated Saturnalia by choosing the king or queen of the day using a bean hidden in a galette, of course.

In Burgundy, Galette is traditionally prepared with two layers of puff pastry containing a delicious frangipane. The latter is made from almonds, sugar, eggs and butter, and gives it a golden appearance that awakens the taste buds. A glass of Crémant, a local beverage that goes perfectly with Galette des Rois, is the perfect accompaniment.

Which wine to serve with the Galette des Rois 2024?

Sparkling bubbles around the galette

The alternative to cider is Crémant de Bourgogne. Made using the traditional method, formerly known as the “méthode champenoise”, this sparkling wine goes perfectly with the sweet almond of the galette. The grape varieties used give it lovely acidity and a pleasant bubble: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, but also Gamay Noir with white juice (no more than 20% of the total), Aligoté, Melon and Sacy. To find out more about this traditional method, visit the Vins de Bourgogne website.

Burgundy sparkling wines

by Veuve Ambal

If you drive south on the A6, you’ll see the premises of Veuve Ambal, producer of Crémant de Bourgogne for 6 generations. So much for a family history. What better way to accompany this galette than with a family story at the center of your table?

And there’s a Crémant for every bubbly lover: organic Crémant, Blanc de Blanc, aged in oak barrels and the classics.

Here’s our choice:

Veuve Ambal’s Cuvée Classique blanc demi-sec: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligoté and Gamay.

Our winemaker's advice: Thérèse Besancenot

Thérèse runs her domaine in the heart of Beaune. And yes, in Burgundy, Domaines like to be in the center of our cities. And that’s nothing new: at Domaine Besancenot, winegrowers have been passed down from father to son to daughter. For our Galette des Rois 2024, Thérèse offers us two choices:

A white Crémant de Bourgogne and a rosé that will be fruitier, with fine bubbles that tickle the palate.

An old white Burgundy that has retained its freshness to accompany this sweet galette.

Find Domaine Besancenot wines on their online sales site

Our wine merchants' tips for enjoying the 2024 galette

Emmanuel from Cellier de la Cabiotte reveals his selection

To accompany your galette des rois this year, our cellarman, Emmanuel Peulson, from Cellier de la Cabiotte, has a few suggestions for you. Located on Rue de l’Enfant, Emmanuel is an expert in exceptional wines, and knows exactly which varietals will go perfectly with your dessert.

For a frangipane galette des rois :

– Pouilly-Fuissé 2019 la cuvé Ampélopsis 2019 from Domaine Saumaize-Michelin

For an apple Galette:

– Pommeau de Normandie from Domaine Frémont

Find out more about Mon Millésime’s choices on their website

Choose your

With Thierry Prat

Before leaving Beaune, stop off at Monsieur Prat’s Millésimes à la Carte. You’ll discover some gems that are well worth the detour. The Crémant unhesitatingly wins Pole position once again, no hesitation on this fresh, sparkling wine. Monsieur Prat’s second choice is more surprising, as it’s a mellow wine:

With a frangipane or apple galette:

– A Mâcon Village de la Cuvée de la Saint-Martin 2011 new: A Mâcon Viré Clessé douceur automnale 2015

– A Crémant de Bourgogne Perle d’Aurore Rosé Louis Bouillot

With a wreath or a chocolate galette :

– A Crémant de Bourgogne Perle de Molesme

– Liqueur de ratafia de Vedrenne

Find out more about Millésimes à la carte on their website