Appellation Chocolat, a great place for chocolate lovers in Pommard, in the Pays des Grands Vins

The village of Pommard only produces great wines!


"Appellation Chocolate" invites us to discover a large selection of chocolates made from the very best cocoa from Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Papua, Brazil...
Connoisseurs and addicts of the cocoa bean can discover the different flavours of chocolates at an in-store tasting, overlooking the laboratory where artisans produce their wares before your very eyes: praline, caramel ganache, fruit, liqueur...
Like wine, you can appreciate the roundness, flavour, texture, aromas and colours of the chocolates with your eyes, nose, taste buds and palate.


So munchers, biters and fans of high-quality chocolate, indulge yourself all year round ... not just for Easter!
Enjoy without moderation ! 

... words of a "chocophile"  ;-)


Côté Pratique : 

APPELLATION CHOCOLAT, 5 place de l'Europe à Pommard, du Mardi au Samedi de 9h30 à 19h00, non-stop ! Practical information: APPELLATION CHOCOLAT, 5 place de l'Europe in Pommard, Tuesday to Saturday, 9.30 to 19.00, non-stop !