Chassagne-Montrachet isn’t just known for its wines. It’s also famous for its quarries which extract so-called Chassagne stone.

Quarry village houses

Of a quality that’s recognised across the world, the villagers began extracting the stone at the foot of the hill to build their house two centuries ago. And it’s since the 1940s that the activity has become increasingly important to the point that for some families, it’s their livelihood.
Since the 1970s, the quarries have been run on a more industrial basis. It’s a complete production cycle from stone-cutting to ornamental stonework (paving, interior or exterior decorative objects...).

High-quality stone

Chassagne is a hard stone that can adapt to a range of uses. It comes in different shades and its warm colours are popular for decoration.

Did you know?

The Louvre in Paris and the War Museum in Washington in the United States were made in part from Chassagne stone.

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