Christmas is always an opportunity to please others and treat yourself: and we’re not going to sell ourselves short this year.
This year, more than any other, we want to have fun and make sure others do, too. Kept apart for so long, we want to meet up again, to celebrate Christmas as it should be. And the foot of the tree lined with gifts always provides that festive air we all need. As always, 25 December is approaching and we’re starting to run out of ideas. That's why the whole team went to work to find the perfect gift for every member of the family.

For Father- and Mother-in-Law, a gourmet Christmas gift

It's always hard to come up with a gift idea for a man. And it’s even more so when it comes to a gift for your Father-in-Law. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and give your in-laws a gift box from Loiseau des Vignes? The restaurant in the centre of Beaune offers menus from 38 euros to give as a Christmas present. You can buy this "Secret Box" online on their website.

A relaxing gift for Mum

Your mum will always enjoy those quiet moments spent in a spa. We’ve got plenty of wellness establishments for you to choose from.

1. La Cueillette: a spa with an exotic flavour

The spa at Hotel La Cueillette in Meursault is the largest of the three. 500 m 2 dedicated to well-being. It's a great place to get away from it all. There’s even a treatment called Hawaiian Ritual "Aloha" that will transport your mum off to the Pacific and its clear waters.

She'll love it. A scrub, a mango-scented wrap and a Lomi-Lomi hot oil massage make up this exotic treatment. Your mother can enjoy the spa facilities: swimming pool, spa, steam room.

2. A mother-daughter treatment at Spa Marie de Bourgogne: a most wonderful gift

In the heart of Beaune town centre, the Marie de Bourgogne Spa offers amazing gift boxes for the Christmas holidays. And what could be better for a mother than to share this relaxing moment with her daughter. What a fantastic moment spent together. The special attraction for the daughter is the massage with cocoa oil that awaits them. The "Parent/Child" gift set is on sale on their website.

3. Total relaxation at the Nuxe® Spa at Hotel Le Cèdre

There’s an intimate atmosphere for your mother to enjoy being pampered in. The gift boxes feature several different relaxing massages. You’ll be spoilt for choice and can rest assured she won’t be disappointed. Their gift vouchers are valid for 2 years, so she’ll have plenty of time to enjoy these moments of intense pleasure. You can also use it as an opportunity for far-flung brothers and sisters to chip in, as it’s possible to order the gift box as a group. So what would she say to a 60-minute Nuxe® Le Cèdre massage?

4. In Nolay, well-being experience with essential oils

Jill Labranche welcomes visitors into her pretty house with all the charm of yesteryear in Nolay, Esprit d'un Moment. But she also offers wellness massages with essential oils. Relaxation guaranteed for mothers stressed out by everyday life. It’s a great way to start 2021. You can give her a gift voucher for experiences that range from massage to a course in Letting Go.

You can find her gift voucher offer in this document to download below.

The most wonderful Christmas gift: moments to share with your family

After all the time we’ve spent separated from each other in 2020, only allowed to share a few lockdown drinks, we all need to meet up together again. And if possible, in an attractive, comfortable setting. Why not take the opportunity to discover Beaune Mountain? Here, there’s no skiing, just unforgettable moments to spend with family in a unique setting: in one of the Terre d’Or holiday cottages.
Vincent offers personalised gift vouchers so you can be reunited. His holiday cottages consist of a 5-bedroom villa (10 people) and two cottages of 4 to 6 people: enough to accommodate the largest of families.

A Christmas gift for the family: make memories ... while cycling

Here’s yet another opportunity to get together and share memorable moments. Burgundy Vélo Evasion offers days or half-days out in the vineyards ... by bike. The routes are within everyone's ability and the trip is well worth the effort. These bike tours are a great way to discover the Côte de Beaune, with plenty of stops for tasting Burgundy wines.
So, are you tempted by a getaway that takes in the villages of the Wine Route - Pommard, Volnay, Meursault...? With a picnic and tasting, not to mention a visit to the estate?

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