To spend a tasty festive period with your family: order your meals from our restaurateurs

What is the Christmas spirit if not a desire to please those around us! Offer a gift, give a compliment, smile and laugh together. Or maybe just share a good meal. This year will be a bit different, but the Christmas spirit is still with us. And in Pays Beaunois, the first to share these values are restaurateurs and caterers.

Despite a difficult year for them, our chefs have created holiday menus that are even tastier than previous years. You can almost feel the emotion as you open the dishes you ordered and place them carefully on your festive table.
Menus for your Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day meals:

Hostellerie de Levernois: from the aperitif option to a full menu

You can't go to the Hostellerie de Levernois over the holiday period, so the Hostellerie will come to you. And when we talk about the Christmas spirit, that’s exactly where it’s at. The desire to please can be found on each line of their menu. What about Scallops with Rostis, accompanied by Samphire and Choux Graffiti? Or maybe dry fruit Foie Gras nougat on New Year's Eve?

Christmas menu: 24 & 25 December: €85 per person
New Year's Eve menu: 31 December and 1 January (4 courses): €85 per person
New Year's Eve menu: 31 December and 1 January (6 courses): €120 per person

Check out the menus of the Hostellerie de Levernois

Festive holiday menus - Hostellerie de Levernois

L'Ermitage de Corton

Vincent Chirat no doubt had a smile on his face as he conjured up his festive menu. He was thinking of yours the moment you taste his dishes prepared with such passion. Orders for Christmas must be made before 18 December. Don't waste a minute.

Christmas and New Year's

Day menu: €52 per person

Check out the menu L'Ermitage de Corton festive menu

L'Ermitage de Corton
Chorey les Beaune

La Ferme aux Vins

La Ferme aux Vins makes life easy by offering a menu of food and wine pairings for the festive season. Each dish can be accompanied, if you wish, with their wine suggestion. For example, the roasted deer steak can be paired with a Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot Lamy Pillot 2016. Our mouths are watering already.
Christmas and New Year's menu: from €55 per person

Check out the menu : Christmas menu at La Ferme aux Vins

L’Agastache in Volnay

In Volnay, they were really looking forward to the Agastache festive menu. So here it is with Scallops once again taking pride of place. What a great way to really enjoy the holidays.

Festive menu: €40 per person

Check out the menu : Festive menus – L'Agastache

1 rue de la Cave


You have a choice at Béléna - either order your full menu or opt for a catering choice. Let's say that this year you start making your own foie gras, you sweat blood and tears so much that you’d be delighted to be able to order your French veal fillet with morel sauce. Just so you don't spend all your time at the stove while the rest of the family is feasting away at the table.

Béléna festive menu: €37 per person

Check out the Béléna menu : Béléna festive menu

Le Belena
1 Place Madeleine

 Le Cheval Noir

John Dory with langoustines and scallops await you for your Christmas or New Year's Eve. The good news is that the Cheval Noir menu will be served from 24 December to 3 January inclusive.

Something to really enjoy during this festive holiday.

Cheval Noir menu: €42 per person

Check out the Cheval Noir menu : Cheval Noir festive menu

Le Cheval Noir
17 boulevard Saint-Jacques


Le Carmin

Chef Christophe Quéant offers delicious à la carte dishes to enjoy this festive season. From the sea: Armorican monkfish and whole lobster cassolette, melanospurum truffles. From the land: Bresse "Johan Morand", fattened chicken with morels and “vin jaune” (yellow wine) with "Morgan Louche", quail with grapes and foie gras. Our taste buds are turning somersaults in anticipation.

Check out the Carmin menu : Carmin festive menu

Le Carmin
4 Place Carnot



L’Essentiel thinks about the stragglers who always do things at the last moment. They accept orders until 23 December for Christmas dinner. So if you leave things to the last minute but love your food, you can feast on smoked salmon with horseradish or layered veal with époisse sauce.

L’Essentiel menu: from €21 per person

Check out the L’Essentiel menu : L’Essentiel festive menu
44 rue du Faubourg Madeleine

L'Ouvrée - le 428 - Savigny-lès-Beaune

What a festive menu at restaurant 428: foie gras and lobster gratin. It's great to enjoy as a family. So why not really push the boat out this year?

Menu 428 - L'Ouvrée: €48 per person
54 rue de bourgogne

L'Auberge du Vieux Vigneron

The choice is all-encompassing for the festive menus at L’Auberge du Vieux Vigneron. And it’s all about dishes that resonate like childhood memories. Having them on your table for this unusual Christmas is all about reconnecting with tradition. The venison stew and Paris-Brest dessert are essential touches for a real Burgundy Christmas.

L'Auberge du Vieux Vigneron menu: à la carte from €5 euros for desserts to €15 for dishes.

Check out their menu : Festive menu from L'Auberge du Vieux Vigneron
L'Auberge du Vieux Vigneron
18 route de Beaune

Le Château de Chailly : menu pour le Réveillon du Jour de l'An

New Year's Eve has always been memorable at Château de Chailly. This year, it’s not the location you’ll enjoy, but the dishes they serve up. The fish medley or poultry supreme stuffed with snails are well worth a try.

Château de Chailly New Year's Eve menu: €66 per person

Château de Chailly menu : New-Year’s-Eve-Château-Chailly
Hôtel - Golf du Château de Chailly
Allée du Château,

Restaurant l'Ed'Em à Chassagne-Montrachet

This is the perfect holiday menu for foodies and gourmets. Everything sparkles, and you’re immediately immersed in the atmosphere of Christmas or New Year's Day. Read this: deer conchiglioni, Bresse capon stuffed with chestnut and truffle or John Dory from the Breton coasts scored with liquorice... Tempted? And quite rightly so.

Ed’Em menu: €66 per person

Check out the Ed'Em menu : Ed'Em restaurant festive menus