Wine continues to be a special gift for those you love.
Bottles of wine remain the ultimate gift idea. Gifts for men, but for women, too, who also appreciate good wine. Wine is also a gift for sharing, with family or friends. It’s one of the highlights of this Christmas 2020.

The all-in-one offer from Caves Patriarche

Caves Patriarche make life and your search for gifts easier. It’s up to you to choose the cuvée, of course, but they take care of the rest: the gift box, the message you want to include plus delivery to the person of your choice. The lucky recipient will receive their bottle of wine in a beautiful wooden gift box, and may invite you to share their Burgundy nectar with them.
Read about this offer in the document below.

Give a little Burgundy authenticity at Christmas

In the heart of the Hautes Côtes de Beaune, Blandine and François Rocault have prepared a list for Santa Claus. With a Burgundy St Aubin and Mercurey 1er cru or a Burgundy Hautes Côtes de Beaune, it’s your choice, and you can select wines that fit your budget. You can find the list of their wines to order below.

A gift box of 3 bottles of Burgundy wines from Château de la Crée

This gift box is perfect for lovers of Burgundy’s grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In this box to give as a gift, or maybe keep for yourself, you’ll find 3 bottles of Burgundy wine:
  • Montagny 1er Cru 2017
  • Santenay - Clos de la Confrérie 2013
  • Santenay 1er Cru - Clos Faubard 2017
Château de la Crée also offers a vintage box, composed of bottles from the 2010 vintage, an exceptional year. And if you want to order wines to accompany your festive meal, don't hesitate to contact them to find the perfect food and wine pairing.

Gift idea: an introduction to Burgundy wines

  • Great wine gift: a blind tasting

Here’s a gift for your dad that’s sure to please him, as he’s so passionate about Burgundy wines: a tasting course with Sensation Vins. The tasting of 10 Burgundy Grand Crus takes place blind. Your dad will be able to focus on the senses of taste and smell to learn how to differentiate between wine and detect exceptional wines.

You can order either the course or a gift voucher on their website.

From introduction to training in Burgundy Wines: the Wine School offers some great gifts

The Ecole des Vins (Wine School) offers a well-stocked catalogue of training courses. From the simple introduction to the taster certificate, you’re sure to find the package to please a member of your family. It's not just a Christmas present; it's a whole wine experience for you to offer.

The joy of giving: a box of Burgundy wines accompanied by a virtual tasting

Château de Santenay offers virtual tastings for the holidays with samples of real wines. The concept is simple: you order samples of Burgundy wines and make an appointment for a tasting and online visit. You can even do it before the holidays to identify your favourite wines and give them to your loved ones. You still have time.

For more information, contact Château de Santenay direct.


Offer THE bottle of Burgundy you can't find anywhere else.

At Millésimes à la Carte, the job of wine merchant is a bit like that of treasure hunter. And if you're a fan of old vintages or rare bottles, you'll find what you’re looking for. Offering a wine from their year of birth or wedding always causes a sensation.