Christmas is coming and you need to order your log for 6 people. The pastry chefs of Pays Beaunois are here for you.
This remains one of the most important moments of the festive season: when the hostess places the Christmas log on her table. Between a glass of Burgundy crémant and a bite of the famous log, guests launch into a profound debate about THE perfect log:
  • "It needs a little alcohol, otherwise it lacks interest..."
  • "I personally love it when there are little decorations ... that can be eaten, of course!"
  • "Oh, not buttercream - I prefer the praline-iced log."
  • "It’s weird, your log - it looks more like a surfboard."
  • "A perfect log is coffee-flavoured!"
What animated discussions to end your Christmas meal... Some of you, like some of us, enter log contests, don't you? The problem with these contests is that we find ourselves eating log till Epiphany.

This year, we suggest you get your log from a pastry chef in Pays Beaunois, and we’re counting on you to share the log and your opinions on Instagram via #noelenbourgogne tagged @beauneburgundy.

1. Fabien Berteau's logs - Rue Monge in Beaune

This native of Morvan went through all the top houses to perfect his pastry technique: Guy Savoy,
Fauchon, Ladurée... It’s in his shop in Beaune, there since 2016, that you can find the log to order for
your Christmas meal. You can choose from six flavours:
  • Island log (with exotic fruit)
  • Fun log with hazelnut flakes
  • Chocolate addict log: with ... chocolate, of course
  • Mont Blanc log (chestnut and blackcurrant)
  • Lemon iced log
  • Black Forest log

2. Passion Millot: from traditional log to vegan log - Place Monge in Beaune

The choice is huge at Passion Millot. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for among the iced logs, the traditional butter and chocolate or praline ones and the originals.

For us, we prefer the Yogi 100% vegan with an Italian feel: praline mousse from Piedmont and pistachio from Sicily. There was debate in the team over the Cluedo, iced vodka parfait, lemon sorbet and almond biscuit. We're still making our minds up.

3. Le 7ème Péché - Place de l'Hôtel de Ville in Meursault

Beautiful and delicious, Le 7ème Péché’s logs provide the perfect end to your Christmas meal. They
whisk you off somewhere exotic with, for example:
  • "Christmas in the Tropics"
    • Milk chocolate mousse
    • Creamy passion mango
    • Crispy coconut
    • Biscuit brownie
  • "Raspberry Tahiti"
    • Vanilla white chocolate mousse
    • Raspberry cream
    • Raspberry compote
    • Crispy white lime chocolate
  • "Mercury" - what a journey!
    • Apricot mousse
    • Creamy vanilla crème brûlé
    • Apricot compote
    • Crispy cinnamon biscuits


4. Maison Chaloin - 8 Rue du Bourg in Chagny

If you’re undecided between baked and iced logs, order one of each. They’ll get eaten, that's for sure. If the turkey chestnuts are a little short of taste, the chestnut log is sure to please: chestnut mousse, glazed chestnut chips, blackcurrant mousse, chestnut sponge. Otherwise, the traditional Norwegian omelette with vanilla ice cream and exotic fruit sorbet will bring a fitting end to your hearty Christmas Eve dinner.