Coup d’œil, coup de cœur. Wine festival in Auxey-Duresses, Burgundy, France.

Every year since 1996, when the village of Auxey-Duresses hosted the St. Vincent Tournante (wine festival), on the fourth weekend in October, the winemakers organise, via the Union of Winemakers of Auxey-Duresses, a great celebration they called Coup d’œil, Coup de cœur (which loosely translates into ‘take a look, fall in love’).
Some twenty winegrowers open their doors so that you can discover, during a leisurely walk, the autumn colours (the ‘take a look’ element)
It’s an opportunity for the public to discover the wines of Auxey-Duresses, but also to enjoy some culinary specialities and other craft exhibits … the ‘fall in love’ part.

Winemakers attending

Coup d’œil, coup de Cœur