Elégance des Volnay: discover the delicate wines of Burgundy, so tasty and full of femininity, during a friendly event in June!

Elégance des Volnay: a must-see get-together you can’t afford to miss

Spurred on by a number of growers, the majority of Volnay producers organised themselves to promote their fine and elegant wines by creating a new association in 2005: Elégance des Volnay.
Since then, with the support of the municipality, the wine union and Interprofessional Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB), the association has been organising this major event of the wine festivals calendar, which takes place on the last Saturday in June, and puts women in particular in the spotlight.
Each year, a female personality presides over this day, thus becoming Ambassador for the wines of Volnay.
When the event has been run previously, Dominique Loiseau, Claudie Haigneré, Mathilday  May, Amanda Sthers and Salomé Lelouch presided over this special day, bringing to life in their own way the characteristics of the wines of Volnay: nobility, distinction, finesse.

The estates of Volnay, the cornerstone for this day

Each participating estate offers the best of its wine production, for you to discover in the cool cellars right throughout the day.
In the morning, winemakers, journalists, sommeliers, wine merchants and lovers of fine wines, invited by the estates involved in this day, blind taste and score the vintage chosen by the winemakers.
At the end of the day, the celebrity ambassador from the previous year conducts the traditional planting of the vine in the Clos Elegance – each estate offering a magnum in thanks for her participation.