The Burgundy wine estates are opening their cellars for the festive season, so don't miss it!
It's decided - the end-of-year celebrations will be all about togetherness and eating well ... and enjoyment. Burgundy wines are coming to your table to celebrate the end of 2020 that we’re all waiting for. With an extra smile to warm your heart.

To make this happen, Burgundy winemakers and traders have worked hard to make this Christmas truly Christmas. And if you can't come to see them, they’ll come to you with their best vintages to delight you.

Head for the estates for Click & Collect and the winemakers’ drive-throughs:

You can order your bottles of wine directly online or by phone. Then, head off to the estates to pick up your order, either from your car or at the reception. The winemakers have put in place health protocols to limit contact. You’ll leave with a smile on your face and the promise of tasting treasures in the boot of your car.

You’ll find the list of Burgundy winemakers on the Burgundy Wines website


Don't move a muscle - your delivery of Burgundy wines is here:

Maybe you're a long way from Burgundy? Don't worry - your orders can be delivered for the holidays. And if you’re looking for a particular vintage that the winemakers no longer have for sale, you may find it among Burgundy’s wine merchants.

You’ll find the list of Burgundy winemakers on the Burgundy Wines website

And you can also find Burgundy wine that will put a smile on your face on New Year's Eve in the supermarkets or online sales websites.

Stay in touch with Burgundy’s winemakers and wine lovers

If you're on the lookout for great deals or gourmet recipes, join the Facebook group "Les Bourgogne avec Vous".

Christmas gifts for wine enthusiasts

Our team has unearthed special wine gifts for you to give this Christmas. Beautiful boxes of vintage wines and tasting courses await you from our partners. Check out their offers today.