This year, choose a gift that makes sense and stand in solidarity with the hotels of Burgundy-Franche- Comté

Offer a getaway that benefits others for your Christmas gifts

25% off a selection of hotels in Beaune and Pays Beaunois

The Burgundy-Franche-Comté region has an offer for you that comes at just the right time before the holidays. Give your loved ones the gift of their dreams.
Nothing could be simpler:

1. Choose an establishment from our selection of hotels below

2. Contact the hotel direct by phone or email and give them the code #SORTEZCHEZVOUS to take advantage of the offer

3. Buy your nights’ stay at a 25% discount

4. You’ll receive a voucher to use your nights until 30 June 2021*

5. To organise your stay, arrange with the host to book the date of your arrival*

* Subject to availability on the dates of your choice and as the health crisis develops.

Hotels and campsites with the Christmas offer in and around Beaune.

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