Beaune and its surrounding area have numerous activities to do where your dog is most welcome.
We love our four-legged friends, they’re part of our family and we’d like to take them everywhere we go. Going on holiday in Burgundy with your dog is a real possibility. They’re welcome in many places for tours or tastings.
Here's everything you can do with them when you come to see us in Beaune and Pays Beaunois :)!
NB: Your adorable furry friends must be kept on a lead, clean and non-aggressive with other visitors or other dogs, but here we put our trust in you ;).

A dog-friendly wine weekend in Burgundy


Tasting venues where a dog on a leash is welcome

Wander through the largest cellars in Burgundy and sample a selection of 7 local wines at Patriarche Père & Fils.
Become a tasting expert and discover one of the finest wine collections of the Hospices de Beaune at Millésimes à la Carte.
Visit the 17th-century cellars and end your tasting with a local crème de cassis at Cellier de la Cabiote.
Maison Jaffelin will show you round its magnificent vaulted cellars before tasting 5 to 7 wines they produced themselves.
Enjoy your tasting in the old Church of the Cordeliers just across the way from the Hôtel Dieu at the Marché aux Vins.
From a small bunch of grapes to large-scale production of bottles, learn more about the wines and especially Clos Marey Monge at Château de Pommard.

Find accommodation for your holiday or weekend in Burgundy


If you’re travelling with your dog in your bag


Bouchard Ainé et Fils will be delighted to provide you with an appropriate tour so you can become an unbeatable Burgundy wine expert in every way!

Château de Santenay, remarkable with its roof of glazed tiles, will be delighted to welcome you.

A weekend or holiday in and around Beaune: visits to enjoy with your dog

Dog-friendly tours of Beaune and Burgundy’s villages, with your dog on a lead

You can easily walk through our beautiful historic centres and enjoy the different villages of the Côte de Beaune. Beaune and its ramparts provide a perfect walk to enjoy the panoramas of the Hospices and Wine Houses. The village of Meursault with its quiet little streets is a haven of peace for your four-legged companion. In Savigny-lès-Beaune, you can make the most of the little booklet "Si Savigny m’était conté" to discover the village. Not to mention Chagny, where you can enjoy wonderful walks along the Canal. And if you enjoy longer hikes, Santenay with its Three Cross Mountain is an ideal place.
Nolay and its medieval covered market and all the other villages of Pays Beaunois also offer beautiful walks or long hikes so your dog can stretch its paws.
And if you enjoy walking along the water's edge, take your dog for a walk in Parc de la Bouzaize in Beaune, at Lac de Panthier or along the Étangs d’or (Golden Ponds) in Merceuil.

Book a restaurant for a Burgundy dinner or lunch with your dog

If your dog is a German shepherd (but not only that), you can walk in the footsteps of Bourvil and de Funès. Head for Meursault, at the location where they filmed La Grande Vadrouille.
For summer evenings, you can take your dog to the night-time theatre in Nolay and discover an unfamiliar face of this beautiful Burgundy village. And if, like you, your dog prefers to relax quietly while enjoying the scenery, a little tour by Visiotrain is a great way to discover the town of Beaune from the comfort of your seat.
Does your dog love to travel by car, motorcycle or in a convertible, nose to the wind? Then head for Château de Savigny-lès-Beaune. Its huge collection of motorised vehicles is a dream: from Gilera motorcycles to fighter jets via Abarths, formidable racing cars from the 20th century.
And if you want to perfect your knowledge of Burgundy wines and the unique “terroirs” of our beautiful region, visit the Maison des Climats, in the premises of the Porte Marie de Bourgogne Tourist Office in Beaune.

Visits to enjoy with your dog in Burgundy, a little further afield

Visit Château de Couches, a magnificent medieval castle, or head north to the sumptuous Fontenay Abbey, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
If your dog is medium-sized (or smaller), you can also follow the guide and discover how viticulture has evolved at the interactive museum, the Imaginarium.

Visits to Beaune and its surrounding areas if your dog fits in a bag

The exceptional Hôtel Dieu Museum (Hospices de Beaune) is open to visits for people with a pet that fits in a bag. You can discover the history of the town and this majestic site with its glazed tiles.
A 16th-century jewel with its beautiful murals, Château d'Ancy le Franc is remarkable and accepts visits from our pet dogs if they’re in a carry bag.

In Beaune, we look after your pet

If your dog is well behaved, leave it at reception during your visit to the Cassissium. You can make the most of discovering this multifaceted berry, the star of Burgundy: blackcurrant.
You want to do other visits or activities, but your four-legged friends aren’t accepted? Bel-Air is a place that will be delighted to welcome them.
Don’t hesitate to come and visit us at our reception desks at the Beaune and Pays Beaunois Tourist Office – we’ll be delighted to provide further information, and especially to meet your pooches! We're certainly dog-friendly +++.

Practical information for a relaxing holiday with your dogs:


  • Vets:
  • Groomers
  • Where to stock up on dog biscuits

Gamm Vert, Supermarkets (Casino, Carrefour, Lidl, Intermarché, Leclerc, Bi1)
  • Dog park

Parking de la République in Beaune
And to organise your holiday, a website with lots of great ideas and especially good advice: Emmène ton chien (Take your dog out)

COVID information

Due to Covid, all museums and visit sites are closed until further notice. You can only access the shop areas of the Hospices de Beaune Museum, cellar shops and Tourist Offices.