Christmas is just around the corner, and you’ve still got no ideas? Our advisers have been looking for the best gift ideas for you

We’re just a few days away from Christmas and you’ve no idea what to offer mum and dad or your nearest and dearest? We put the whole team on the job to find the great deals, unusual gifts, the classics which never fail to please, the never-before-seen ... and finally, gifts for each and every one of you, or rather for each member of the family.
Fanny, who also leaves things till it’s almost too late, is best placed to give you her list of last-minute gifts.

Gourmet gifts for gourmets

We all have that friend or cousin who thinks they’re a professional when it comes to making cocktails... Unfortunately, the result isn’t always up to par. This is an opportunity to help them perfect their knowledge with a cocktail workshop at Cassissium.
You tend not to think about it, but a gift of cheese is often appreciated. What could be more gourmet than a beautiful platter of regional cheeses, such as Délice de Pommard, Epoisses, Brillat-Savarin or Soumaitrain? Fromagerie Hess on Place Carnot in Beaune presents a wonderful display of these cheeses that make our mouths water just by looking at them.

To wash down your cheese, a nice green tea is just perfect. Go to Comptoirs Thé Café where you’ll find no less than 200 individual types of teas and infusions. And for those who’ve given up on Senseo or Nespresso, preferring freshly roasted coffee, you can spoil them with sweet Brazilian, Ethiopian or Guatemalan flavours.

In Burgundy, we like to take our time, like our signature animal: the snail. As a treat for your family who aren’t yet au fait with the finesse of this Burgundy speciality, Hélice, Beaune’s snail specialist, offers trays of snails ready for tasting, along with lots of dishes cooked using snails. And if there’s a serious collector hidden among your friends, Hélice offers plenty of snail-shaped items

After snails, there’s the traditional, and no less popular, chocolate. And here, as everyone knows, we all love chocolate. Whether the preference is for dark, milk or white, filled or not, chocolate really is a safe, sure bet for the Christmas holidays. Béatrice and Michel Dessolins, chocolatiers and ice cream makers from Appellation Chocolat, will find the perfect box for you.
Are you familiar with nonettes - that gingerbread cake filled with jam that reminds you of afternoons spent at Grandma's? At Mulot and Petitjean, you’ll find plenty of flavours of these famous, delicious nonettes, as well as lots of gourmet specialities. Their tasty treats are sure to find their place on your Christmas Eve table at coffee time.


Give them an adventure in Burgundy

A romantic adventure for two in a sidecar

This is the perfect gift for your companion. It’s a magical moment to share as a couple and an unusual way to discover the Côte de Beaune and Route des Grands Crus. Enjoying the ride in the basket of the sidecar or behind the rider, you can enjoy an exceptional moment with the wind in your hair. A must-have on your bucket list.
Give something unusual with Bourgogne Excursions

The same gift for all your friends: a moped ride.

This is the practical gift to give all your friends: a trip around Beaune on a moped. Marc from Mobylettes de Chorey offers gift vouchers. Everyone gets the same and it’s job done. It’s the lazy man’s gift, but one that lets you keep the holidays going with another moment spent all together, helmet on and enjoying the open air.


Give your children a sixties adventure on the roads of Burgundy

We’re a long way from the electric car with its engine that purrs like no other. The engine smells of hot oil, the soft top isn’t connected to Alexa, negotiating the corners is like being in an F1 race, but a lot slower. In short, it’s a step back in time, but your little ones will love it. But warn them straight away: there’s no USB socket for their smartphone. Though you’re better off not taking a smartphone at all to fully enjoy the 2CV trip on offer from My  French Tour.

Go on a family survival course

There’s nothing better to bring your family together than to face a little danger. A little controlled danger, we can reassure you. But getting together in the middle of nature and having to light a fire without the good old lighter if you want to eat in the evening offers plenty to strengthen family ties. Fox-Survie takes you into the forest and gives you all the tips to enjoy a great time together. And it’s a moment that will last a long time, with all the anecdotes you’ll have to share.


Books - traditional gifts for Christmas

Ali Baba's cave in Beaune is called the Athenaeum. If you’re looking for a book for your 79-year-old dad, 35-year-old big brother or 12-year-old daughter, you’ll definitely find what you're looking for in this amazing bookstore. Here’s a selection:
  • The bible for cooking enthusiasts: La Transmission au cœur de ma cuisine, co-written by Eric Pras, Philippe Toinard, Sandrine Giacobetti and Hélène Luzin. 60 restaurant recipes to make at home. €49
  • For those who try strange mixtures of flavours, especially on Christmas Eve: Foodpairing: la science du goût. 10,000 flavour combinations to revolutionise the way you taste. €50
  • For readers of Paris Match who are passionate about wine and history: Leurs Vins Préférés by Patrice de Moncan and Debra  Finerman. Have you ever wondered what wines Victor Hugo, Cleopatra or Napoleon I drank? You’ll find the answer in this very well researched book. €45

And in previous years, we had some great ideas too: