Producers, restaurateurs and shops in Beaune and Pays Beaunois in Burgundy are adapting to demand following Covid-19
[Update, 16 February 2021]

Curfews are still in place until new government instructions are issued. Shops are now open and accessible until 6.00pm. So we have updated our interactive map to show only the restaurants and bars that offer takeaway or a possible delivery service.

Restaurants open for building professionals in and around Beaune

An agreement signed between restaurateurs and construction companies, validated by the Prefecture, allow signatory restaurateurs to welcome employees working on a nearby construction site. In Beaune, Table Magazzino offers this service. Interested building companies can contact them directly to set up an agreement.

We will include this information on our map as information is received.

Hotels are open

Hotels in Beaune and the surrounding area remain open to accommodate passing, professional or leisure guests. Some of them offer meal trays to make your stay in our destination easier.

During lockdown, our professionals have been here to serve their customers

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, our producers, restaurateurs and food shops have adapted.
For some outlets which could legally stay open, they set up their business and put in place all the necessary safety measures for you and their team.

Producers whose distribution chain has been disrupted offered and still offer new services or processes so they can go directly to meet their customers.

As for restaurateurs, they’re not short of ideas to delight us, offering takeaways or delivery or simply to provide a service, making their location available for producers.

The Tourist Office during lockdown

Beaune and Pays Beaunois Tourist Office

Our subsidiary offices are open according to specific times that can be found on this page. Only the Tourist Office at Porte Marie de Bourgogne in Beaune is closed.

Our advisers are available to meet your needs in other ways: