The Chefs’ Picnic: an experience to enjoy this summer!

See you in September for more information on the 2022 edition of the Chef's Picnic.

Stay tuned!

Are you ready for a feast? From Sunday 23 May, then every Sunday until 12 September, I’ll take you to the chefs’ picnic!

In the bucolic setting of Parc de la Bouzaize with its lake, boats and flower beds, from 11.30am to 2.30pm, a pop-up kiosk will be set up every Sunday to give the park a festive feel! You must book your picnic in advance on the website and pick it up at the kiosk. Each picnic is created by one of the 20 chefs who support this event. A special new menu is put together every Sunday! All you have to do is lick your fingers!

The single rate is €25 per adult and €12 per child.

The Chefs’ Picnic came about thanks to communication agency "Wouaille" and Laurent Parra, a restaurateur and caterer from Beaune’s Le Conty, President of the Independent Restaurateurs of Pays Beaunois.
A nice idea to create a local dynamic along the lines of Sunday Brunch under the Halles de Dijon. From bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants, those involved in Beaune’s gastronomic heritage are helping to offer up the best of local eating well. The idea is to promote products made within a radius of 50 km around Beaune, and all the chefs involved in this adventure stick to the same values: local, seasonal eating. You won’t find any mango or pineapple in this basket. So, are you a local eater?

Their partners are, and they support this action:
Finally, visit the Facebook page and website that explains the schedule of chefs with the menus and food-wine or food-beer pairings in store. Picnic baskets and drinks are sold online! Ready, steady, go!