Takeaway Valentine's Day meal ideas in Beaune and Pays Beaunois: our restaurants and caterers are here to spoil you

Just because restaurants can’t accept guests at the moment doesn't mean you shouldn't treat your loved one to a dream night in together. We could see the excuse coming ... it's all gone wrong... Simply because the chefs and caterers from Beaune have gone to great lengths to offer you some delicious couples’ menus. So, turn the house upside down, redo the decoration, prepare a stunning table and, above all, order Valentine's Day menus to enjoy together as you gaze into each other’s eyes.

Beaune's restaurants offering a takeaway menu

Le Cheval Noir Valentine's Day menu

Marilyne and Benoît Deval have lovingly concocted their menu with Sir and Madam in mind. Puff pastry for your intimate aperitif followed by a chicken ballotine with foie gras will put you in the mood right away. You can then choose your main dish between fish, with a cod steak with crozet pasta and butternuts (you’ll love it), and meat, with a haunch of tender veal in chorizo sauce. You can enjoy cheese from Hess for a delightful breakfast, if you can’t wait to enjoy dessert: soft chocolate verrine and raspberries.

A selection of Champagnes from Maison Jean-Noël Haton is the perfect accompaniment for your romantic dinner.

  • Le Cheval Noir - 17 Boulevard Saint-Jacques - Beaune
  • Menu starts at €36
  • Order on 03 80 22 07 37
  • Menu available from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 February 2021

A cocktail dinner for couples to nibble on at La Ferme aux Vins

Are traditional dinners, sitting at a beautiful table decorated with love, not quite what you’re after? You prefer cuddling on the couch, hand in hand, reminiscing, or dreaming about your future together? La Ferme aux Vins has thought of you and offers a gourmet cocktail dinner, to enjoy quietly between kisses or a couple of glasses of Crémant de Bourgogne. Verrines, casseroles, skewers, canapés ... everything you need to enjoy a wonderful time together.


  • La Ferme aux Vins - Rue Yves Bertrand Burgalat - 21200 BEAUNE
  • Dinner cocktail from €38
  • Order on 03 80 22 46 75 or by email
  • Menu available from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 February 2021

A gourmet Valentine's Day in Pays Beaunois

Love on the gourmet menu at Hostellerie de Levernois

Susanne and Jean-Louis Bottigliero are delighted to welcome lovers from Pays Beaunois and across Burgundy every year. And this year, they wanted to share a warming message, as they can’t welcome you directly. You'll find their warm wishes in the video below and their gourmet menu right after.

The Chef at Hostellerie de Levernois, Philippe Augé, offers two options for your one-to-one dinner. A menu of 3 or 4 dishes, depending on how much you love your food, or an aperitif option to enjoy while dreaming big together.

For the menu, you can take your time enjoying a scallop tart, a line-caught sea bass fillet and a Bresse fattened chicken with foie gras and melanosporum truffles. And don't forget the dessert, which in itself is a declaration of love: a raspberry fondant filling.

The aperitif option is a whole succession of delicacies: foie gras slice and caramel pears and apples, "toqué" egg and marinated salmon tartare with condiments, croque-Brillat, jabugo ham and truffles, tempura prawn tails, octopus marinade, condiments and chorizo, and finally, a dish of snails in sweet garlic broth.

A Valentine's Day menu perfect for sweet nothings from L'Ed'Em

Emilie Rey and Edouard Mignot offer a gourmet treat prepared with the greatest of care. The foie gras terrine as an appetiser rests on a bed of apple and dried fruit chutney. Their scallops are nicely stuffed with green cabbage curry while Morgan Louche quail flirts with lemon roasted squash and a sweet spicy juice.

Emilie Rey puts her heart and soul into making her lemon meringue pie with its praline heart and crispy hazelnut.

  • L'Ed'Em – 4 Impasse des Chenevottes - CHASSAGNE-MONTRACHET
  • Menu starts at €50
  • Order on 06 80 85 60 61 or by email
  • Order your menu before Thursday 11/2 and pick it up Saturday morning

Passion menu for L'Ouvrée in Savigny-les-Beaune

Christophe Ledru, the chef at Le 428, the restaurant at Hotel L'Ouvrée, designs his Valentine's menu with passion. His dishes are a promise of great pleasure for sharing a dinner for two. His foie gras nougat caresses the palate. Scallops seared with celery risotto lead into Clavisy beef with fluffy potatoes: perfection. And the creamy coconut passion provides the crowning moment of this gourmet meal.

  • Restaurant Le 428 - 54 Route de Bourgogne - Savigny-les-Beaune
  • Menu starts at €98 for two
  • Order by email or call 03 80 21 51 52 or 06 03 45 48 18

Gourmet take-away meal for 14 February 2021

  • Maison Huez in Meursault is the perfect partner for this year’s Valentine's night. Their menu promises a nice cocktail sequence, with plenty of time to get to know each other even better. Monkfish with crayfish followed by a Rossini duck fillet will soon have you exchanging meaningful glances. And you’ll love the pear half with cherry blossom on Bourdalou with chocolate chips in the intimacy of your living room.
  • Maison Huez caterer - RD 974 - MEURSAULT
  • Menu starts at €32.50
  • Order by email or call 03 80 26 55 39
  • Pick up your menu on Saturday morning