The Chagnotins (the people of Chagny) say that since time immemorial, the fairies have met to dance in this place, which is what gives the delightful name of Folie to the property.
And they are right, because the estate, perched on its "mountain", surrounded by vineyards and boxwood shrubland, offers a magical view of the Côte de Beaune.
The red wines are "fruity, crisp, with the aroma of cassis", while the whites are "round, rich and velvety" according to the local magic-maker, Clémence, the latest and 5th generation of winemakers who have succeeded each other here since the early 19th century.
My advice: at cocktail time (11.00 and 18.00), experience the enchantment of a VinoApéro, a special time to taste wines and spirits with a selection of regional products. 

Website "Domaine de la Folie"