Kayane: family relaxation in nature.

The donkeys of Kayane are well trained, gentle, and love children. There are 6 in total: Rita the gentle one, Mirabelle the adventurer, Questche the strong, silent type, Robin the brave and Questche’s partner, John the joker, and the charmer, Vanille!



Your choice! On site, Laetitia welcomes you to Bruant in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits, a few short kilometres above Echevronne, or from a trail that’s suitable for donkey rides in the Beaune region; our hiking companions will join us in their trailer!

How's does it work?

Donkey rides can be by the hour, half-day, day or over several days for a longer trip with camping!
Kayane offers rides on circuits adapted to everyone’s ability, all very safe and, fear not, Laetitia provides a little "training" with the donkeys before setting off.
Everything you need is available for loan: the practical detail for the trip selected is easy to read, a "memo" for riding your donkey with confidence and bags for picnic and/or a tasting.
The donkeys can carry loads of about 40 kg, i.e. a child, a picnic lunch and the family’s bags. Their pace is relaxed: they walk at 2km per hour.

The big day:


1 / You choose your donkey based on how you get along and their character
2 / you can decide whether to go and get it from the meadow or not
3 / you can saddle it up! ...?! That is to say, kit it out, but you’ll need to get acquainted, brush it and put on its "saddle", etc ... then on returning, talk about it.
... And dear parents, children love getting involved in all this!
4 / but you can also ask Laetitia to ensure your donkey is ready on arrival!

There’s a donkey for everyone!

JOHN "the joker"

He is the merry prankster of the band who loves to have fun and always has some mischief to make. And he’s never shy in passing on a few tips in this respect to his friend Robin. You’ll need to rein in his clowning around during trips out. The eternal teenager, he likes to grab his tether in his mouth when out trekking, at night tries to free his fellow donkeys from their ties, shakes his head asking for a big hug ... He is very interested in humans to the point of inviting himself into your tent to share your meal!!! He’s very endearing. At 18 years old, with good bone structure and very surefooted, John always provides a good riding pace. He’s ideal for long treks!
RITA "the gentle one"

At 22 years of age, Rita is the great "traveller" of the group. Fearless and with a constant pace, she walks quietly but surely. She will undoubtedly take you wherever you want to go. In old age now, she prefers quiet little day trips. Her calm and gentle nature make her a favourite with very young children.
ROBIN "the brave"

From the top of his four little legs, Robin is a donkey who’s up for anything. He walks quietly but surely. Courageous, leaving himself little time to analyse anything strange he might meet along the way, he can cope when the going gets tough. Trotting proudly along, this 10-year-old loves a cuddle, doing silly things with his friend John and is madly in love with Questch, the largest female donkey in the group. His small size and bravery make him the favourite of young adventurers!

VANILLE "the charmer"

With her greying white coat, powdered cheeks and eyes pencilled in black, Vanille knows how to charm. She is wilful, loving and self-assured. Large, with a strong back, she has a broad and considered gait. At 7 years, she is only starting in the "business" but knows that adventure lies on the other side of the fence. Vanille can be depended on during long hiking trails!

MIRABELLE "the adventurer"

With her long, tousled hair for three-quarters of the year, three-colour coat and black nose, Mirabelle has a casual look! Having experienced numerous trekking trips each more amazing than the last, she has become an "all-terrain" donkey. Calm and adventurous, she can adapt to all situations. Her curiosity brings her very close to humans. At just 6 years old, and suitable for all ages, Mirabelle promises some great adventures just for you!

Quetsch "the strong, silent one"

Long chocolate brown hair, large hairy ears, big hairy hooves ... Quetsch embodies the beauty and strength of donkeys with poise. She is the Star of the meadow. Now 10 years old but only trained late, Quetsch still has much to learn to accompany hikers with true serenity. But her undeniable presence offers those in search of them, moments of true sharing through grooming sessions. Lovely big donkey for endless hugs!

Kayane invites us to discover the pleasures of hiking in the company of one or more donkeys in the beautiful scenery of the Côte and Hautes Côtes.

In short, an unforgettable family trip!

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