Le Bissoh Sushi

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Salle Bissoh 42 rue Maufoux 2
Entrée du Bissoh 42 rue Mufoux
Salle Bissoh 42 Rue Maufoux 4
Salle Bissoh 42 Rue Maufoux
Salle Bissoh 42 Rue Maufoux 3
Salle Bissoh 42  rue Maufoux
Terrasse Bissoh 42 Rue Maufoux
Salle de restaurant
  • In the town centre, Le Bissoh offers two places where you can discover the art of Japanese living. Le Bissoh Sushi at 1A Rue du Faubourg St Jacques offers the classics: sushi, sashimi, tempura, skewers... As for the dining area, Le Bissoh also practises the art of hospitality - kindness and care await you. Discover a selection of 500 wines from the great French vineyards as well as exceptional sakes. An unmissable sensory journey. Le Bissoh, 42 Rue Maufoux: simple, cosy, zen décor complements the dishes of the chef, Mikihiko Sawahata, who works in front of you at the bar with its 10 seats, respecting the authenticity of Japan's food culture. Try for yourself this meeting of Japan and the local traditions! Traditional techniques and inspirations from around the world are at the origin of this new cuisine. The speciality: sumibi-yaki (sumi = charcoal, Le Bissoh uses Japanese "Binchotan" charcoal, bi = fire, yaki = grilled) of Japanese "Beef Miyazaki" and Limousin Beef matured for 40 days or quality fish: a journey before your eyes to Japan...