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They all live hereGreeters of Beaune and its villagesTo guide you through the center of Beaune, the vineyards, the Hautes-Côtes

Greeters : free walking tour in Beaune and villages

They’re not guides. They are natives of the region, or sometimes come from elsewhere… But the “Greeters” of Beaune & Pays Beaunois all have in common this desire to share their love of Burgundy.

Bourguignon or elsewhere,

What is a Greeter?

Greeters come to us from New York to be exact. The concept was created by Lynn Brooks and financed by the President of the Manhattan borough, one of the Big Apple’s neighborhoods.

The initial objective: to change the image of a city with a reputation among tourists as a city of all dangers.

At the end of the day, what remains are enthusiasts of their city or region, whose little and big secrets they are happy to share.

In Pays Beaunois, our Burgundians fully embrace the notion of sharing and loving their region. They’re proud of Burgundy, our Greeters, as “Joyeux Enfants de la Bourgogne”, as the song says.

Going for a walk

With an inhabitant of Burgundy

Our volunteer Burgundians will take you on a friendly stroll. Who better than a local to show you the secrets of Beaune or the Pays Beaunois?

They were born here, or have lived here for many years. They know loads of anecdotes about the town or the vineyards. They’re the kings of the little stories that make us get attached to a region.

They share with you their favorites, their secret gardens, their good addresses.

Want to know Beaune’s hidden underbelly? The wine capital has no more secrets for our Greeters.

And in the Beaune region

What do you visit with a Greeter?

You'll know everything

Beaune and the Beaune region

the indispensable and the surprising

Whether you’re a heritage lover, a wine enthusiast, a fine gourmet, a fan of stories and legends, or a nature afficionado, you’ll find THE Greeter for you in Beaune and the surrounding villages.

Beaune and its incredible history, the wine villages of the Route des Grands Crus, the Hautes Côtes de Beaune and its picturesque villages, the Burgundian bocage and its legends… so many authentic and convivial escapes to experience with a local Burgundian.

Greeters walks in the Pays Beaunois
  • The hidden village of Aubigny-la-Ronce with Jean-Marc

    The countryside and the world of agriculture are Jean-Marc’s domain. He’s the great-grandson of a farmer, and the land is his life. His daily backdrop: the bocage landscapes, the meadows where his cows quietly graze.

    To share the echo of the rural world, the Burgundian accent of cereals and herds, the routine of a small mountain village, with its habits and surprises, Jean-Marc is number 1.

  • In the heart of Chardonnay, in Meursault with Michel

    You’ve got a thousand questions about vines, about the Climates of the Burgundy vineyards, about Pinot and Chardonnay, about Grands Crus and village appellations? Michel, a former winemaker, is a mine of information and knowledge about the world of wine.

    From the work of the tâcheron to that of the winemaker, from ancestral gestures to those of today, from the wines of yesterday to those of tomorrow… you’ll leave Burgundy a fine connoisseur of the Murisaltian vineyard.

  • Beaune, as told by a Marseillais, Georges

    And yes, a Marseillais can fall in love at first sight with a town other than Marseille. Because it was Georges, because it was Beaune.

    Georges isn’t jealous. On the contrary, he loves to share the love of our beautiful town of Beaune with people passing through. Always with camera in hand, he never tires of wandering the backstreets of Beaune, where he knows every nook and cranny, and above all, every secret.


  • Hautes-Côtes de Beaune, at Baubigny with Sophie

    Baubigny, it’s the character of the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune, it’s houses sheltered by cliffs, lanes that rise and fall, its hamlets that approach and move away, a history that escapes as far back as Gaul and Rome.

    Sophie tells you all about it. She tells it, sometimes punctuating it with an authentic Hautes-Côtes Burgundy recipe. Indeed, she’s the memory of family cooking in Baubigny. After your stroll, it’s certain you’ll be looking forward to a traditional restaurant.

  • Hiking in Orches, for the most beautiful views in Burgundy with Anny

    Get out your sneakers, at the very least. Get ready to go hiking in the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune, in Orches. This is the starting point for some of Burgundy’s most beautiful hiking trails. The verdant landscapes are charming and the panoramas are breathtaking.

    On the way, Anny will explain Burgundy’s built heritage, the winegrowers’ houses, the cabottes, the murgers… and then she’ll tell you about her crush on her Burgundian paradise.

  • Explore the Montagne de Beaune with Philippe

    Yes, there’s a mountain just outside Beaune. And it can be a sporting challenge to climb it. Or not, as Philippe adapts the pace to your needs. The important thing here is not performance, but sharing. Questions are bound to come up, so there’s no question of gasping for breath. Except for the breathtaking view of Beaune and its vineyards.

  • On the ramparts of Beaune with Anita

    Anita was born here. Not on the ramparts but almost, as she spent so much time there during her childhood and youth. It’s a bit like her second home.

    She knows all the stories and anecdotes about these walls that surround Beaune’s city center. She also recounts her memories as a child and young girl, and as a Beaune woman past and present. The Théâtre de Verdure, which delighted Beaune residents a few years ago, will soon be revived. Anita will tell you more.

  • The secrets of downtown Beaune with Pascal

    As soon as you arrive in Beaune, you’ll feel that special atmosphere of historic towns that have lived on. There’s a soul in its narrow streets, and anecdotes galore. Pascal knows them all. He knows all the best addresses in town, the traditional ones and the more recent ones. Those that never change and those that are constantly innovating. And as the city is inextricably linked with its vineyards, Pascal also tells you all about Burgundy’s vines.

  • The charming wine village of Monthélie with Philipp

    He crossed the Channel and settled as a dynamic retiree next to Beaune, Monthélie to be exact. He fell in love with this winegrowing village and its wine.

    He’s inexhaustible about the history of the vineyard, the Monthélie plots where he takes you along with the joy of a child who has discovered the candy cache.


Meet our Greeters

Have we inspired you to meet our Burgundians? Would you like to share a moment in the life of these passionate Burgundians?

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