Get some fresh air around Chagny: by bike or on foot within a 10 km radius

In Chagny, you can get some fresh air with its mix of vineyards, countryside and canal. Come with me to discover the rural and built heritage of Burgundy’s vineyards.

I’ve selected 8 hikes and 2 cycle routes within a 10-kilometre radius around Chagny

Ideas for walking around Chagny


Within a 10-kilometre radius around Chagny


Between stubble fields, woods and Premiers Crus: from Meursault to Blagny

The children have finished their homework, and they need to let off some steam before having their snack. So take your water bottle and head towards the village of Meursault. Before reaching Site Saint-Christophe at the top of the village, stop at the bakery on Place de l’Hôtel de Ville to buy pastries or palm hearts. Once your snacks are bought, set off on this 7-kilometre loop, circuit number 15 between stubble fields, woods and vineyards. Once the route is done, you can refuel in front of the village viewpoint. 

In the footsteps of the monks of Abbaye de Maizières in Burgundy

Today is Saturday. All week, you’ve had only one thing in mind: to walk with the wind in your hair. Suffice to say that you waited impatiently this weekend like a crème de cassis awaits its aligoté. So it's fun day and, to start on the right foot, put on your best hiking boots and join the route of circuit number 23: Walk in Montrachet. Here, you’ll discover the history of the monks of Maizières Abbey. Through the vineyards you traverse, you’ll get to know the “Climats” of Burgundy, with names that set you dreaming. The walk has whetted your appetite, so you hurry to get a nice meal, ordered at restaurant L'Ed'Em: one of the restaurants in Pays Beaunois that offers takeaway food.

For a breathtaking view at the Mountain of the 3 Crosses

Santenay, a town with such a rich past with its ancient dolomite quarries, Château Philippe le Hardi and the Church of Saint-Jean de Narosse - it’s inspiring, isn’t it? So let's go, warm up your calves to prepare for the climb as you head for Santenay to complete route 26, also called the Circuit of the Crests. Take in all the sights and, above all, don’t forget the pleasure of a short break at Mont de Sène (Mountain of the 3 Crosses) to enjoy the view. 

My suggestion: The panorama from the top of the Mountain of the 3 Crosses. Magali tells you about it in her article on the most beautiful views in Burgundy and Pays Beaunois.

The Washhouse Circuit in Fontaines

The day has flown by at speed and you don’t know where it went. Fortunately, it’s only 4.30pm and you’ve got time to go to Fontaines to do the circuit of its washhouses and fountains. Have fun following the signs that tell you all about them and their history. After all, why do you think the village is called Fontaines? 

All the information on this circuit can be found in this leaflet.

The Sorine Mill Circuit: like a lighthouse that watches over the vineyards

When you arrive in Santenay, you’re sure to be attracted by this amazing windmill in the vineyards that always catches people’s eye. It's time to get a closer look by following route 25 through Pays Beaunois, the Sorine Mill circuit. This route is ideal with your little ones who’ve done their homework and need some fresh air. It’s an opportunity to explain to them what a windmill is for and observe this construction that’s part of the rural heritage of Burgundy. 

My suggestion: The Sorine Mill in Santenay

A walk in the Maranges mixing vineyards and religious heritage

The temperatures are mild and it's just what it takes to feel good and walk through the vineyards! In Cheilly-lès-Maranges, follow circuit 27 which leads you through the vines. However, you can also enjoy some architectural gems such as the Chapel of St Francis and the Church of St Jean de Narosse... This trip will fill up all your senses.

Maps and topographical information for these circuits are available for sale at our reception desks. You can order them over the phone or by mail :

The Arts Trail in Masse

In the village of Corcelles les Arts, once a great place for the Gamay grape variety, beautiful gems of religious heritage such as churches and various crosses are there to be discovered. But you can also admire a beautiful sundial, a washhouse and Château de Corcelles. Route number 31 has plenty to charm you. This is the ideal route to enjoy the delicacy of day’s end, just to whet your appetite, or even prepare for a well-deserved aperitif. 

All the information you could ask for about barrels at Art du Tonneau

The circuit of the 7 ponds of Demigny

Need to recharge your battery and take time to listen to the music of water while hiking? Then head off to Demigny to do the circuit of the 7 ponds, which is 14 kilometres long. You can walk around the ponds as well as enjoy various forest areas with some remarkable trees! It's perfect for enjoying nature's invigorating air. 

Check out the route on Cirkwi

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Bike rides between canal, countryside and heritage

Starting from Chagny: cycling route within a 10 km radius

A ride at the water's edge to find serenity

This morning we woke up early, the sun is already up, it’s just starting to heat up and promises to be a wonderful day. All’s well, it's Sunday and our bikes are waiting for us! We take the greenway along the canal to Fontaines, so the Mediterranean side of the canal (we’ll help you: it's towards Chalon sur Saône). On the way back, we stop in Rully to discover this beautiful village and all its heritage riches. How peaceful it is to be next to the barges, or even overtake them on bicycles, to stop at the locks...: a real bucolic ride.

  • Start: Boat stop, Chagny
  • Distance: 9 km
  • Level: Easy
  • Duration: Between 30 and 40 minutes one way

My suggestion: the Heritage in Rully route on the way back

Head to the Étangs d’Or (Golden Ponds) for a superb picnic lulled by birdsong

After buying our nice little picnic in Chagny Market this Sunday morning, we climb aboard our faithful mounts - mountain bikes, all-road or electric bikes. We really deserve this nature break after our working week so we treat ourselves to a wonderful time at the Etangs d’Or in Merceuil. We leave the Chagny boat stop, heading towards the Joseph Nicot factory and take the white path towards Chaudenay and then Merceuil. Once there the birdsong, the lapping of the water, the fishermen on the lookout for wonderful carp and, above all ... a reassuring calm. 

  • Start: Boat Stop, Chagny
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Level: Easy
  • Duration: Between 35 and 45 minutes one way

My suggestion: The Golden Ponds

If you're looking for picnic tables nearby, the advisers at our Chagny branch can point out some great places they love: Ask them.