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The 6 Michelin starsFrom the Côte de Beaune
The best Michelin-starred restaurants

Michelin Stars restaurants

8 stars on the counter

Excellence is their trademark. Each of the Côte de Beaune’s Michelin-starred restaurants cultivates the art of living that is gastronomic cuisine.

01. Lameloise House

Back in 1900, the very first Michelin guide listed the Lameloise family restaurant. Today, Eric Pras, a pupil of Paul Bocuse, has retained all three Michelin stars at Maison Lameloise since his arrival. His innovative cuisine, though rooted in the tradition of French cuisine, delights gourmets visiting Chagny. Lunch at a restaurant that has been collecting stars since 1926 is an experience not to be missed.

2. Le Clos du Cèdre

For Jordan Billan and his team, 2022 is a year to remember. They have earned their first star and are determined to keep it. The young chef, barely thirty, likes to know the history of his products. His talent and the confidence of his teams do the rest. In the center of Beaune, an address to discover again and again.

3. La Table de Levernois

L’Hostellerie de Levernois is a world away from the hustle and bustle of our professional lives. Here, the break is complete, the change of scenery total and the experience gourmand. Philippe Augé couldn’t resist Alain Ducasse’s call. He couldn’t refuse the call of Burgundy. To our great delight.

What if we told you that the vegetables come from the in-house gardener, Jérémy Capelle?

4. Le Carmin

Le Carmin is one of the restaurants you’ll want to come back to. Fine dishes and a carefully studied wine list make this Michelin-starred restaurant one to remember. In the heart of Beaune, Christophe Quéant’s Suprême de pigeon can be enjoyed by two or with friends.

5. Ed.Em

A duo of piano virtuosos. Kitchen piano, of course. Edouard and Emilie Mignot will compose a symphony of flavors for you. We often hear customers say that this is their favorite Michelin-starred restaurant. That’s because on a second visit, it feels a bit like home. The talent of the chefs is an added bonus. As for the wine list, it’s simply exceptional.

6. Le Charlemagne

Lunch or dinner in the heart of the vineyards. Le Charlemagne offers an incredible view of the Corton vineyards. And what can we say about the culinary proposal? Except that a second star would be welcome. Japan is not far away, but Burgundy is always there. From A to Z, the subtle aromas of Laurent Peugeot’s cuisine will keep you dreaming for a long time to come.