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A terroir emblematic of the great white wines of Burgundy and a village full of charm.

Visit Meursault

“Tea for two and two for tea”… Does this ditty remind you of anything? Yes, of course, Meursault is Gérard Oury and the cult scenes from “ la Grande Vadrouille” filmed in 1966. The film made famous the town hall with its glazed tile roofs, a vestige of a former fortified castle. A charming village, Meursault is rich in religious heritage, including the Leprosarium, a magnificently renovated Romanesque building at the entrance to the village, as well as the church of Saint-Nicolas, classified as a Cluniac Site. As you stroll through the village, you’ll discover private mansions, fine wine merchants’ and winegrowers’ houses built from limestone quarried in the surrounding area.

Meursault in the family

Ideal for a fun, family-friendly stroll, the botanical trail on the Saint-Christophe site reveals magnificent views over the vineyards and village, and explains what “Les Climats de Bourgogne” are.

From the same spot, set off on a 7km stroll through forest, vineyards and colorful landscapes thanks to the Meursault-Blagny trail (Circuit no. 15). Ideal for a family outing and to discover the Beaune region in a different way.


Meursault, the land of great white wines

The monks of Cîteaux made no mistake in developing this land for vineyards as early as 1098. An “iconic” Chardonnay wine, Meursault comes from an exceptional terroir.

By ordering a Meursault Gouttes d’Or 1784 from M. Bachey, T. Jefferson, a true taster, had understood everything about the specificities of Burgundy: village, climate, vintage and owner.

Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson
©Thomas Jefferson
I urgently need Meursault (...) it's the one I prefer.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States

Meursault & Châteaux

Alongside numerous winegrowing estates, the village of Meursault also boasts several châteaux amidst their vineyards, such as the elegant Château de Meursault whose 14th and 16th century cellars are among the finest in Burgundy, the picturesque château de la Velle with its medieval castel feel, not forgetting the château hôtel La Cueillette whose terraces overlook the first clos given to the Cistercians in 1098.

Meursault celebrates

Tradition obliges…Meursault expresses its sense of celebration with events that combine gastronomy, fine wines and music! In March, the Banée, a convivial dinner with the village’s winegrowers, opens the ball, and in July, the musical festival “From Bach to Bacchus” brings wine and music together in the very heart of the village and its heritage. In November, the Paulée de Meursault, a meal that once marked the end of the grape harvest, comes to a close after the Hospices de Beaune Wine Sale, Les Trois Glorieuses. This prestigious luncheon takes place at the Château de Meursault, where a literary prize is awarded to an author who has done a great deal for Burgundy and its wines.

Festival in our villages - From Bach to Bacchus
Festival in our villages - From Bach to Bacchus
Festival dans nos villages : Bach à Bacchus à Meursault
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