Couple in front of the fountain in Savigny-lès-BeauneCouple in front of the fountain in Savigny-lès-Beaune
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7 favoritesFor a romantic stay in Beaune

Burgundy escape to disconnect

Dreaming of a romantic break in Beaune? The wine capital is ideal for unforgettable moments for two. The Route des Grands Crus, castles and breathtaking scenery, historic medieval sites and gourmet gastronomy… Burgundy has plenty to offer lovers. Between relaxing activities, strolls and hikes… Discover the unique, unusual and magical escapades to share as a duo, to get away from routine and give yourself a breath of fresh air. Here’s a closer look at our top picks for a successful trip as a couple in the Côte-d’Or.

01. Live your moments of well-being


Need to relax after a day exploring Beaune and the surrounding area? Just a few steps from the Hospices de Beaune, not far from the Loiseau des Vignes restaurant, enter the Marie de Bourgogne spa. The wellness center at Le Cep ***** invites you to combine a stay in Burgundy with relaxation and harmony. On the program: local-scented massages based on pinot noir, blackcurrant buds and chardonnay, hammam sessions, relaxing baths, ayurvedic treatments and cryotherapy…

There’s no shortage of services to make the most of life together. Indulge in the Grand Millésime Duo Ritual, to be enjoyed intensely with a complimentary glass of champagne. Relax in the fitness areas and let yourself be lulled by the atmosphere and tranquility of the surroundings.


2. Hiking with a view

in the Beaune region

Hiking couples, take the paths overlooking the villages of Pernand-Vergelesses and Saint-Romain. From the church of Saint-Romain, follow a pretty path along the edge of the cliff and take in the breathtaking view over the Saint-Romain valley! You might even spot a peregrine falcon hunting above the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune vineyards. Its most common shrill cry is “ka yak, ka yak”. Hovering on updrafts, it looks so tranquil. Did you know that it can reach speeds of over 186 km/h in a dive when it dives on prey? It’s the fastest bird in the world. Take the time to commune with this unspoilt, powerful yet fragile nature.

A few kilometers from the center of Beaune is Pernand-Vergelesses, a village clinging to its hillside planted with vines. A bucolic stroll for two awaits you. As you climb up to theOratoire de Frétille, you’ll discover a magnificent panorama overlooking the rooftops of Pernand-Vergelesses, and your gaze will wander as far as the Côte de Beaune climats. Try your hand at locating some of these climats: Ile des Hautes Vergelesses, Creux de la Net, Les Lavières, Les Marçonnets, Le Clos du Roy… A postcard landscape for nature lovers. If you’d like to improvise a picnic for two, stop off at a few of the shops and ask for advice: jambon persillé, gougères, brillat-savarin and a glass of Chardonnay. It doesn’t take much to make you happy…

Hiking in Saint-RomainHiking in Pernand-Vergelesses

3. Treat yourself to a tasting lunch

at Leflaive

A beaming, passionate, good-humored winemaker, often described wearing a hat and accompanied by his daughter Julie. That’s Olivier Leflaive, head of a 17-hectare estate. A fine address evocative of white and red wines from Puligny-Montrachet, Chassagne-Montrachet, Meursault… A 3-course menu with a tasting of the wines of the House, remember to reserve if it’s for lunch, at Bistro d’Olivier and if it’s for dinner, at Klima.

The experience is accompanied by high-quality bistronomic cuisine, with seasonal dishes, 100% homemade. The sommelier invites you to taste his selection of 4 wines from Domaine Olivier Leflaive, a benchmark in Burgundy. Puligny-Montrachet is a small commune of 400 inhabitants, yet it’s a grande dame known the world over for its elegant, crystal-clear wines. On the nose, aromas of almond and lemongrass will seduce you, while on the palate, aromas of brioche, mineral notes and a lingering finish will never cease to amaze you… these wines are undeniably complex, full of subtlety and absolutely worth sharing, a great way to declare your love!



4. Join us for an Apéro Vigne

with My French Tour

Looking for an unusual and romantic outing in Beaune? My French Tour is for you! Mélanie is passionate about viticulture and cars, and can organize an aperitif in the vineyards in a 2CV in no time at all! It’s a crazy, vintage idea that’s not to be missed, and it’s a great way to get together for a tasting of some of Burgundy’s finest local produce.

After a guided tour aboard a dapper deudeuche and a few photo stops, choose one of the many low dry-stone walls to sit back and savor the moment. Mélanie gets down to business and in no time at all, everything’s there: the basket, the bottle, the ray of sunshine caressing your skin… this 2 CV trip is sure to be a romantic one. Do you like vintage? You can rent this 2 CV to make an original entrance at your wedding. Think about it and talk about it together!


5. Dare to ride in a horse-drawn carriage

on the wine route

Ride in a horse-drawn carriage along the wine route? It’s an unforgettable idea for an outing in Burgundy. Departing from Beaune and following the rhythm of the Comtois draught horses, let the coachman guide you in his horse-drawn carriage through the famous vineyards of the Route des Grands Crus.

The horse’s slow pace is an asset, lulling you into the fresh air and giving you the chance to enjoy the scenery. Did you know that wine and horses are two passions that go hand in hand? More and more winegrowers are using animal traction to ensure an ideal soil structure all year round. If you go to Pommard in a horse-drawn carriage, you may see a horse in action in the vineyards. And Pommard means wine: a winemaker will be waiting for you in his cellar and the coachman will take you back to Beaune, so let yourself be driven!

6. Fly over Beaune in a hot-air balloon

Why not take a gentle flight and see the Côte-d’Or from a different angle ?

You’ve been dreaming about it, and now it’s D-day, the hot-air balloon is waiting for you. First, you have to take part in the unfolding of the canvas on the ground and the balloon inflating, before climbing into the basket and soaring into the air. What a breathtaking view: landscapes, vineyards, monuments, nothing escapes you. If you leave from Beaune, you’ll see the Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices – you know, it’s a bit like the Eiffel Tower in Burgundy! Its colorful roofs, seen from the sky, help you to situate yourself and see in a different light the Burgundy landmark you visited in the morning or the day before.

The slowness, silence and beauty of the moment make this a 100% romantic experience. Everywhere you look, everything is the object of your admiration. If you enjoy this experience in autumn, the colors of the Hôtel Dieu’s glazed roofs sum up those of the ribbon of the Côte d’Or: shimmering, sparkling, from green to yellow, and from yellow to carmine red, you’re witnessing a festival of colors, and you’ll better understand why this land is called the Côte d’Or. So beautiful that you sometimes forget to immortalize the moment. When you return to the ground, you’ll need to share your emotions, look at your photos and receive your certificate of ascent. An experience you’ll remember for a long time!



7. Brunching in Côte d'Or villages

A weekend in Burgundy is the perfect time to give in to the call of brunch! In the region of art de vivre and gastronomy, brunch is an opportunity for late risers to surround themselves with sweet and savory dishes made in Burgundy! Combine breakfast and lunch, and enjoy an orgy in the hotels that offer this option on Sundays in the late morning and early afternoon. We also reveal a few secret addresses for a successful brunch.

Just a stone’s throw from the Cité des Climats et Vins de Bourgogne, brunch on Sundays at M7. In a relaxed but cosy setting, enjoy 100% homemade dishes prepared for you. And when the weather’s nice, the pergola and terrace are a welcome sight – dishes and desserts taste even better in the sunshine. And for lovers of Burgundy wines, Le Cep offers Oeno-brunch. A choice of 2 white and 2 red wines, to help you discover the richness of Burgundy wines.

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Whether you’re planning a surprise weekend in Burgundy for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a declaration of love, pack your bags and head for our romantic province to experience your most beautiful moments together!