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Santenay is south of the Côte de Beaune. On the road coming from the north, you can make out his mill. It watches over the Santenay vineyards like a Burgundian lighthouse.

This pretty village has all the charm of a holiday resort in the heart of the vineyards, with its fine residences and medieval castle. Higher up, as you head towards the Montagne des Trois Croix, you pass through the bucolic hamlet of Saint Jean de Narosse, with its beautiful church.

But did you know that Santenay was a spa town?

Santenay: history and heritage

The Sorine windmill, built in the early 19th century, can be seen in the well-exposed vineyards south of Santenay. This unique windmill on the Côte de Beaune is back in action every year for a major festival in June. In addition to its pleasant square with its fountains, Santenay boasts a number of typical white Burgundy stone houses and opulent 19th-century mansions. In the upper part of the village, don’t miss remarkable buildings such as the château de la Crée, a 19th-century winegrowing manor house, or the château dit de Philippe le Hardi, a 14th-century fortified house with a square keep and colorful tiled roofs. At the foot of the Montagne des Trois Croix, stop for a moment at the charming Hameau de Narosse to discover a small church with a Romanesque porch nestling at the bottom of a combe.

Santenay wines

In this wine-growing village, we’re proud to be Burgundians and sing the praises of the appellation’s wines with the Confrérie des Grumeurs de Santenay, who will introduce you to Burgundian camaraderie for the duration of a banquet. Also follow the Route des Grands Crus between Maranges and Montrachet and discover the vineyards and picturesque villages clinging to the sun-drenched hillsides of the Côte de Beaune.

Santenay, a town of water in wine country

There’s no doubt that Santenay is a wine-growing village, with vineyards surrounding it on both sides. But who suspected just a few years ago that this pretty Burgundy town hid miraculous waters?

And yet, the spring, still hidden in a grove, was already delighting spa users in Gallo-Roman times. Its Fontaine Salée, rich in sodium chloride, is renowned today for digestive ailments as well as rheumatological disorders. Exploitation of these benefits had its ups and downs until Valvital developed its spa complex, just a stone’s throw from the original source. It’s now possible to come for a spa treatment in Burgundy, in the heart of Santenay’s Premier Cru vineyards.

And if the three-week spa treatment scares you, no problem, the center welcomes you for wellness afternoons. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with sauna, hammam and indoor swimming pool between two cellar visits.

Santenay en fête

Every 3rd Sunday in June, discover the secrets of the moulin Sorine at a great festival combining folklore and tradition that will appeal to young and old.

All summer long, Santenay offers classical, jazz and variety music concerts. The Festival Musique & Théâtre in July is also a summer highlight.

In October, the Prix Marie-Noël de poésie, a tribute to the poetess, honors a collection whose author will receive 100 bottles of the finest Burgundy vintages. And for gourmands, the chocolate market will delight the most discerning palates every 1st Sunday in December.

Where to go out

in Santenay?

Stroll in Santenay

We invite you to discover the fascinating history of Santenay by walking in the footsteps of a Santenois. Along the way, he’ll tell you all about the history of Santenay’s thermal baths, as well as a few anecdotes about the legends and little stories that make up the town’s soul.

To follow this epic story, which dates back to Gallo-Roman times, nothing could be simpler: just download the Balades en Bourgogne app.

On this walk, you’ll come across the Place du Jet d’eau, marking the importance of water in this spa town, the Château de Santenay and its different uses according to the times, the Château de la Crée, the Casino de Santenay, the Thermes de Santenay of course, all recently (re) brought out of the ground. Keeping you company will be Gallo-Roman gods, a cycling legend, heroes with thwarted loves and more.