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Between vineyards and the Canal du Centre, Chagny is a gourmet and natural stopover… Welcome to Chagny!

Chagny boasts one of the finest markets in the region and one of the best restaurants in the world. Its diverse and sometimes unusual heritage has made room for nature-based leisure activities, including hiking and cycling on the towpaths.

The town of Chagny

This small town of 6,000 inhabitants has many sites to visit, including a 13th-century church listed as a historic monument, the Copiaus theater and an 18th-century apothecary’s shop with its period woodwork. Come and discover the house of Doctor Loydreau and its simple garden, or contemplate contemporary works such as the astonishing Octagon for Saint Eloi, by American artist Richard Serra.

Nature in Chagny

Take to the skies in a hot-air balloon and wander between vineyards and clouds, enjoy a picnic on the canal du Centre to the sound of lapping water, cycle, walk or rollerblade along the voie verte or fish at Etang “en blouche”. Here are a few fun ideas for relaxing, escaping or recharging your batteries.


Chagny, a gourmet stopover

This small town also boasts a market with fragrant, colorful stalls on Sunday mornings, and above all its 3-Michelin-starred restaurant “Lameloise“, which has been shining for almost a hundred years and has made Chagny an essential stop-off point for cuisine d’excellence.

This wealth of taste has earned it a place on the Vallée de la Gastronomie®.



Chagny en fête

If you’re passing through this Burgundian town during the next few events, stop by and soak up the joie de vivre of this commune!

January-February: Amateur Theatre Festival

March-April: Mid-Lent Festival

July-August: tastings every Sunday morning in the company of local winemakers

Late August: Music Festival, Les moments Musicaux de Chagny

And much, much more!”

Chagny, Route 71 town

in Côte de Beaune

The Burgundy experience also means getting off the beaten track and accepting to get lost on the side roads. And to help you imagine your unusual itinerary, discover the Route71 web application (web app) that will take you all the way to Chagny.

You’ll be able to browse through Burgundian heritage sites, restaurants where you can sample the best of local gastronomy, accommodations where a sense of welcome is in your hosts’ DNA, experiences to remember for a long time to come, events that smell of the terroir and the joy of being together, and of course wineries and estates where art de vivre rhymes with Climates of Burgundy.

The app lets you bookmark your favorite addresses, and here’s your itinerary ready for the Burgundy adventure. Make an appointment with Chagny and its local players on Route71.

Take route 71
Take route 71
Vacances en Saône & Loire, prenez la Route71 dans le Chalonnais !
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