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The first village on the Route des Grands Crus between Beaune and Santenay, Pommard proudly displays its Pinot Noir vineyards. In the center, the old stones and narrow streets of this Burgundian village are the source of its charm.

Visit Pommard

This village lends itself to strolling, and it’s easy to get carried away by all the enchanting little streets. Soak up its history and charisma.

As you stroll along, you’ll discover its rich heritage:

  • The Dolmen de la pierre brûlée dating from the Neolithic,
  • The Lulune Spring on the village heights and dating from the Bronze Age,
  • The village cross in the aptly named rue de la Croix,
  • The 18th-century Saint-Pierre church in the heart of the village
  • The cabottes, a strong wine-growing symbol highlighted on the Place de l’Europe
  • The artichoke fountain, named after the pine cone at the top.

Charm and heritage are the watchwords of this place.

Red wines that live up to their reputation

Renowned for its precious Pinot Noir nectar, the village owes its reputation to a unique terroir. The deep red wine of Pommard is an inviting accompaniment to good game or red meat. It’s a proud accompaniment to regional cheeses with a strong terroir flavour, such as soumaintrain.

Take the time to visit the village cellars. You’ll be mesmerized by the aromas of the vintages that fill each space.

The village’s iconic estate, the château de Pommard welcomes you to taste its famous Clos Marey Monge.

How about a vertical tasting? A tasting of the same wine in different vintages. It’s the ideal way to see the impact of meteorological factors on the same wine.

Pommard, nature's way

The bike route, the Voie des vignes passes through Pommard. Coming from Beaune, continue on to Volnay, Meursault and even as far as Santenay. Get on your bike and pedal to your next destination, without forgetting to refill your water bottle at the Artichoke Fountain. You can always carry a Pommard 1er “Les Rugiens” or “Les Epenots” in your saddlebags to enjoy in the evening at the wake.

Set off on the butterfly ride as our colleague Laurence so aptly calls it. Its route resembles a beautiful butterfly in flight.

The first wing in the direction of Beaune takes you through the vineyards. You’ll come across the Lulune spring. The second wing takes you up through the vineyards by Volnay. Pause to admire the magnificent view. You’ll reach the chaumes and come back down through the pine and boxwood forest.

11 kilometers of bliss.

A walk around Pommard and Volnay
Stroll no. 13Start in front of the church
Distance11 km
Duration3 hours
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