Amazing gourmet experiences from Dijon to Marseille, via Beaune, of course.
Settle down on your sofa, close your eyes and imagine... Travel the 500 km between Dijon and Marseille with just one idea in mind: to enjoy yourself. This is the wonderful promise you get with La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France®.

Set off on a gourmet trip and stop off in Beaune

Would you like to relive the adventure of Route Nationale 6 and Nationale 7? Tired of speed and travelling 500 km in one go, only stopping off at motorway service stations? If your ideal way to travel is now to "take your time", we invite you to take in the best places of this Vallée de la Gastronomie - France®. And to stop off in our home, here in Beaune and its surrounding area, Pays Beaunois.
We’re proud to be part of this wonderful adventure and to have with us winemakers, restaurateurs, specialists in local Burgundy produce, artisans... And each of them wants only one thing: to share with you their authentic passion for Burgundy gastronomy.

Enjoy Remarkable Experiences in Pays Beaunois

Here in Burgundy, you can experience the emotion by sharing unique moments that bring you closer to the earth and its exceptional products. Come and meet the men who work the vines, join in the harvest alongside them, explore the secrets of a Michelin-starred chef, lose yourself in cellars that boast a thousand years of history ... these are the experiences for you to discover in Burgundy.

Authentic encounters and experiences in Burgundy

Bourgogne Gold Tour takes you on the Burgundy Wine Route. Its team of wine tourism experts helps you experience the rhythm of the vineyards through tours, tastings and encounters.

Discover Burgundy truffle – L'Or des Valois

If you want to unravel the secrets of Truffles, stop at Marey-les-Fussey. This truffle knows how to bring out the best in local products, and you can learn all about it thanks to a demonstration of truffle hunting. And you can enjoy tasting dishes that reveal all their flavours and that of Burgundy truffle. La Maison aux 1000 truffes by l’Or des Valois is there by your side on this introductory journey.

Harvest at Château de Pommard

Here at the source of the greatest vintages in Burgundy, you can gather in your own hands the grapes that will make some exceptional nectars. This is the experience that Château de Pommard has to offer. A historical plot, a grape variety famous all over the world, a team of professionals there with you … step into the shoes of a harvester and feel the emotions of the men of the vines.

Cookery experience at Charlemagne in Pernand-Vergelesses

Here, you’ll enter a place where cooking and excellence go hand in hand. Each dish is crafted with talent from local products. In a friendly atmosphere, the Chef from Charlemagne will introduce you to his secrets as you enjoy tasting the dishes you have prepared together.

A thousand years of history at Château de Meursault

Walk down a few steps and find yourself in century-old cellars. The Burgundy casks surround you as the winemakers of Château de Meursault present the know-how of their cellar master with real passion. A friendly tasting awaits to round off this wonderful experience in the heart of Burgundy’s terroirs, the “Climats” of Burgundy, listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

An haute couture Burgundy wine estate: Maison Olivier Leflaive

Sharing is indeed the key word of Maison Olivier Leflaive. You can experience the passion of this iconic owner by following him during a tour of his estate. The food and wines are to be savoured slowly to appreciate their full authenticity.

Gastronomy awaits at Vallée de la Gastronomie - France®

From a simple gourmet, you’ll become a demanding epicurean who likes to match pleasure with quality products. Pays Beaunois has some great surprises and wonderful moments to share with the people of Burgundy, all great lovers of their local produce.

Come and meet them and discover the Gourmet Offers of Vallée de la Gastronomie-France®:
  • meet our craftsmen
  • in our estates and cellars
  • meet our restaurateurs
  • meet our producers