Jogging in the heart of nature is very simple in Beaune and Pays Beaunois: prepare your schedule.

Running is a life-saver. After the Christmas holidays, it’s a great way to get back into shape, discover or rediscover the area around Beaune or burn off some excess energy. Check out my favourite routes, all tested and approved.

Feel free to share your favourite runs, too. I’d be delighted to try them out for myself and, of course, share them with others!

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Running routes through Beaune’s parks

Get back jogging again: a course everyone can manage at Parc de la Bouzaise

From 700 metres to 1.6 kilometres

A nice little nature break in this 5-hectare park just 5 minutes’ walk from the town centre. Come and run around its lake (about 700 metres) in a quiet setting just a stone's throw from the town centre. You’ll find Ondine relaxing on the lake, while you push yourself through every turn.

But running around this beautiful French-style park will motivate you when it comes to moving on to session number 2 of your programme. Watch out for the geese, though, who are fond of pecking away at runners’ calves.

My tip:
It’s the ideal place to come running if you have children with you, as they can enjoy the park's playground and discover the animals at the small educational farm.

My favourite time of day:
Early or late. The sunsets are always splendid over the vines, even more so in autumn! (When the weather is good, of course).


A sports course with fitness facilities at Parc de la Creuzotte

250 metres - Sports course

Here, the garden doesn’t follow classical landscape rules. The site, left quite natural, invites us to adapt and organise with the terrain.

Here, nothing is wasted, and everything is transformed. Even the wonderful fitness area shows creativity.

Get a water bottle, a small towel and your smartphone and download the free AirFit app to see all the muscle-building exercises you can do in this fitness area.

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My tip:

Start with a short running session, to warm up, around the lake in Parc de la Bouzaise (about 700 metres) located next door and finish with the fitness course.

My favourite time of day:

When there are few people about. Between 12.00 noon and 2.00pm on weekends.

Getting to Parc de la Creuzotte

Opening times for these two parks

The parks are open all year round, including Saturdays, Sundays* and public holidays at the following times:

  • 1 Jan-31 Jan 8.00am-5.00pm
  • 1 Feb-31 March 8.00am-6.00pm
  • 1 Apr-31 May 8.00am-9.00pm
  • 1 June-31 July 8.00am-10.00pm
  • 1 August-31 Oct 8.00am-9.00pm
  • 1 Nov-31 Dec 8.00am-5.00pm

* Except the WE opening at 9.00am

On days of strong wind or thunderstorms, these gardens may be closed temporarily to protect the safety of users.

Running routes in Beaune

2.5 kilometres

A tour of the ramparts is a classic for runners in Beaune.

If you’re passing through or here for the weekend, this route lets you discover the fabulous architecture of the town’s ancient fortifications: towers, watchtowers and bastions...

The medieval décor will amaze you.

This running route is perfect for working on your cardio. It’s quite technical if you decide to use the different stairs and slopes to work with a little change in elevation.

If you prefer quiet jogging, you can opt for the easy, longer but less technical solution by taking the cycle path that surrounds the city walls.

Start: From Square des Lions or the Rempart des Dames.

My tip: Go there Wednesday or Saturday in the late morning and take the opportunity to finish at the market which is just a stone's throw away.

My favourite time of day: in the evening, the ramparts are lit up. The tour of the ramparts can be completed by a tour (or several) of Parc de la Bouzaise or Parc de la Creuzotte (or both for champion runners).


Running routes around Beaune

The JCE* Health Route at Beaune Mountain

2.4 kilometres

If you want to do some physical preparation for a race, head for the health route at Beaune Mountain (3.5km west of Beaune).

Follow the JCE* route markings. The 2.4 km of this route is marked out in several stages, along with explanations that will have you working out every part of your body. This route is really nice. You run through the middle of the forest, in contact with nature. It's hard to believe that just 5 minutes away, there’s the Hospices de Beaune and a town centre.

For trail runners, the route is a great way to train.

Start: At the JCE* panel.

My tip: Starting from Parc de la Bouzaise, just for a run, gives you a little more height gain and increases the distance if you want to do more miles (+7km round trip – height gain 122m).

My favourite time of day: At the end of the day, after work to wind down. Or at the weekend with the family, doing the different workouts with the children.

Getting to the JCE* Health Route

*Jeune Chambre Economique/Junior Economic Chamber

Tourist running on the Voie des Vignes in Burgundy

10.4 kilometres

From Parc de la Bouzaise, follow the signs for the Voie des Vignes (Vine Route) to the village of Pommard, loop around behind the church and return through the vineyards towards Beaune.

Start: From Parc de la Bouzaise, towards the Voie des Vignes.

My tip: A route to do in spring when the vines and vegetation are in bloom, or in autumn when nature takes on its beautiful colourful, golden hues.

My favourite time of day: Late afternoon.

Hospices de Beaune Wine Sale Half-Marathon route

21.1 kilometres

Step into the shoes of a marathon runner. Away from the Paris or New York Marathon, here, you have the vineyards of Burgundy to keep you company. Escaping into the vineyards for a few hours is simply magical.

With this very natural, rejuvenating run, you follow the Hospices de Beaune Wine Sale Half-Marathon route. There’s plenty of room to run safely at your own pace. You can check out the "Beaune Half-Marathon Course" on which it’s based.

Start: From Parc de la Bouzaise towards the Voie des Vignes.

My tip: Invite a friend to accompany you on a bike. And remember to take a Camelback, and one or two energy gels.

My favourite time of day: It's the long Sunday morning trip out before a well-deserved brunch.


An app on your smartphone to discover new running routes

We’d like to thank Hostellerie de Levernois for this special treat they’ve put together for runners.

Their team had fun creating running routes around their establishment. They use the RunninCity app and have already published 5 runs with different themes:
  • Beaune and its Hospices: half-city, half-vineyard course covering 19km with a 110m height difference. Allow plenty of time as there are numerous points of interest along the way, including the magnificent Hospices de Beaune.
  • Across the fields: a route from Hostellerie de Levernois that takes you out into the fields. 14 km with a 62m height difference.
  • On the Tacot line: 9.3 km along the route of the old railway. Now transformed into a cycle route, you can run safely to a health course to finish your trip out.
  • Levernois by the water: a short trip around the Hostellerie de Levernois, perfect for your digestion after a good meal at the Bistrot du Bord de l'Eau. 2.5 km via the golf course.
  • Discovering the vineyards: this is serious stuff. Perfect training for a half-marathon, with its 27.4 km through the vineyards of Meursault, Pommard and Beaune.

Download the RunninCity app: