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With the introduction of the Health Pass, our team at the Beaune & Pays Beaunois Tourist Office regularly updates this information page dedicated to visiting sites where access is subject to the Health Pass.

How does the Health Pass work?

What is the Health Pass?

Since July, you need to present a Health Pass in the form of a QR Code to access certain services or establishments. To obtain this Pass, you must present either:
  • a complete Covid vaccination scheme (within 7 days after the last injection)
  • a negative RT-PCR or Antigen test less than 48 hours ago - List of Pharmacies
  • a certificate of recovery from Covid-19
  • a certificate of medical contraindication
Certain categories of people aren’t covered by this to date (such as young people aged 12 to 17, who will be affected from 30 September 2021).

Which establishments and tour sites are covered by the Health Pass?

  • leisure activities (cinemas, theatres, museums, etc);
  • bars and restaurants, takeaway is not affected;
  • campsites with common areas (swimming pool, performance hall etc)
  • trade fairs, seminars and trade shows;
  • except in an emergency, health, social and medico-social services and establishments, for people accompanying or visiting persons hosted in these services and establishments, as well as those accommodated there for scheduled care, without limiting access to care;
  • long-distance travel by interregional public transport (domestic flights, high-speed train journeys, intercity and night trains, interregional coaches);

Establishments and services not subject to the Health Pass

  • Our reception offices in Pays Beaunois where our holiday advisers advise you with a smile behind their mask in compliance with protective measures.
  • Tourist accommodation with a capacity of less than 50 people (holiday cottages, furnished tourist accommodation, group and collective lodgings of less than 50 people)
  • Short-distance public transport, such as regional trains and city buses
  • Hotels and guest houses where the Health Pass is only needed to access common areas, such as restaurants, bars or swimming pools...
Some wine merchants and estates that offer tastings ask for the Health Pass. Feel free to ask our advisers or contact the owners directly.
The Health Pass concerns visitors (or customers/users) and employees of these establishments, although some flexibility is allowed until the end of August.