The National 6! In the 50s, this old road to the sun crossed France and Burgundy, holiday-bound...
The National 6! In the 50s, before the motorway was built, this old road to the sun crossed France, holiday-bound. Around Chagny, you can rediscover places which have come to symbolise this era.

The National 6 in Burgundy: Chagny, Corpeau, La Rochepot

In Chagny, Garage Saint Christophe is run by a vintage car enthusiast. The Frac Bourgogne also set up its permanent offshoot there, which exhibits works related to the N6.
In Corpeau, you’ll discover other vintage reminders of the "post-war boom" (1945-1975): the Pont de Paris service station whose advertising, which adorns one of its facades, is registered as part of the Industrial Heritage of the 20th Century; the monumental sculpture of Olivier Mosset, for its part, reproduces the welcome mast of the neighbouring service station.

La Rochepot & la station-service Bel Air

A little further on towards La Rochepot, you’ll find the Bel Air service station, fully renovated.