Iconic Pommard

Pommard, that sonorous name, generous and evocative of an iconic Burgundy village and vineyard. Located between Beaune and Volnay, Pommard wines are the very symbol of Burgundy red wines and, since the Middle Ages, a benchmark, "The Flower of the wines of Beaune".

Pommard wine: exclusively Pinot Noir

You see the first slopes of Pommard a few miles southwest of Beaune. A mosaic of parcels and enclosed plots surround a substantial, charming village which takes its name from the ancient goddess Pomona, divinity of the garden. In Côte de Beaune, renowned for its great white wines, Pommard is an exception with wines made exclusively from Pinot Noir.

Pommard wine: Ferrari or Aston Martin?

Pommard wine tasting

Within this appellation of 321 hectares, it’s a real fashion parade, a collection of 28 premiers crus which creates an extraordinary wine list. To the eye, this wine has a deep red colour, to the nose, its bouquet gives off aromas of blueberry and gooseberry, evolving towards hints of chocolate and leather. In the mouth, Pommard is a true and loyal wine, with firm and powerful tannins.

Pommard 1er Cru les Rugiens and les Epenots

Like any family, the appellation contains some well-known personalities, full of contrasts as it should be in the vineyards of Burgundy. Anne Parent, winemaker in Pommard, reflects in her own way the character of these wines. "The Rugiens, powerful and structured wines from the south of the village, are reminiscent of a young man with strong rugby player’s shoulders driving a powerful Ferrari, while the Epenots, silky and feminine to the north, evoke the elegance of a young golfer driving an Aston Martin."

Château de Pommard

Château de Pommard, an elegant 18th-century residence surrounded by 22 hectares of enclosed vineyards, is the largest monopoly vineyard in Burgundy belonging to the same owner.

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