Tour of the Caves Patriarche

The Caves Patriarche are located in the centre of Beaune. The 5 kilometres of tunnels that make it up run under the city and make it one of the largest cellars in Burgundy. It’s also a place full of history, founded in 1780, located in the former Convent of the Visitandines, some of whose tunnels go back to the 13th century.

Tour of the Caves Patriarche: information & online ticketing

Tour of the Caves Patriarche: a majestic entrance

On passing through the gate, you enter a preserved inner courtyard and discover the former convent, today home to Maison Patriarche Père & Fils. From the entrance, the cask gallery and then the baroque chapel dating from the 18th century take you back to another age.

Tour of the Caves Patriarche: heading down into the cellars

A magnificent staircase leads you down to the labyrinth of tunnels and vaulted rooms that wind their way under the town. Along the way, the most prestigious appellations in Burgundy follow one after the other: Meursault, Corton, Beaune, Pommard, Nuits-Saint-Georges...

Tour of the Caves Patriarche: tasting Burgundy’s wines

You’ll also have the opportunity to taste the wines of Maison Patriarche. Alone or accompanied by a sommelier depending on the package you choose, the wines seem to take on a different flavour when you savour them in this timeless place.

Tour of the Caves Patriarche: the wines

During your tour, you will, of course, have the opportunity to buy the wines of Patriarche Père & Fils. More than 300 references are available, including old vintages dating back as far as 1904.

The history of the Caves Patriarche

In the beginning, there was a convent

In 1632, the Convent of the Order of the Visitation of Beaune was founded on an area of approximately 9650 m2 on the initiative of a Father of the Oratory of Beaune whose sister was Visitandine.
In addition to this vast convent, the nuns had 6 houses in Beaune and a vineyard of 258 "ouvrés" (more than 10 hectares).
The Revolution marked the end of the religious orders. The church was closed to the public in 1791. For several years, the buildings served as grain warehouses.

The Patriarche family

In 1780, aged 22 years, Jean Baptiste Patriarche founded his own wine merchants.
On 23 August 1796, he bought the convent to create a cloth factory with his brother Jacques Elisabeth. The project did not succeed.
He resold part of the convent and set up his trading offices and dwelling in the remaining part. This is how the Maison Patriarche would develop in France as well as in Germany, England and Belgium.
After the death of Jean-Baptiste, it was his brother, Jacques Elisabeth, who took over the head of the House, followed by his son, Joseph Charles. The business was then taken over by Jeanne, the daughter of Joseph Charles and her husband Jean-Baptiste Vernaux, and then by their two unmarried children.

From 1941 to the present day

In 1941, the House was finally acquired by André Boisseaux. This acquisition saw unprecedented development of Patriarche, which became one of Burgundy’s largest wine houses.
In the early 1950s, the House was one of the first to open its doors to the public.
In 2011, Maison Patriarche was bought out by Pierre Castel and continues to grow.

Patriarche Père & Fils: a merchant-grower

Maison Patriarche is based around several activities.
It is first and foremost a merchant-grower whose brand is one of the oldest in Burgundy, with nearly 300 references on sale, allowing it to satisfy as many customers as possible. In its cellars slowly age bottles from prestigious appellations: Meursault, Pommard, Nuits-Saint-Georges, Chassagne-Montrachet...
The House also produces sparkling wines, with Crémants de Bourgogne Brut, rosé and white.


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