30 km from Beaune, near Chagny, Château de Couches is an imposing medieval fortress classified as a "historic monument". On offer: guided tours in costume, shows, events and tastings.

A little history

The château is a former fortress of the Dukes of Burgundy dating back to the 11th century. Acting as a form of protection for the route between Paris and Chalon-sur-Saône, over the centuries, the château underwent many changes, but its defensive character remains intact. This fortress dominates the road and the surrounding countryside from the top of its crenellated towers and its keep. Inside, we visit the flamboyant Gothic chapel, the house, the tower of justice and especially its impressive cellars.

Did you know?

Château de Couches refers to Marguerite of Burgundy. Granddaughter of King Saint Louis and daughter of the Duke of Burgundy, she spent part of her youth in this place. Her marriage to the future Louis X le Hutin made her a queen of France but, convicted of adultery, she was locked away in the fortress of Château Gaillard in Normandy. Legend claims that after the death of her royal husband, secret negotiations between the crown and the powerful Duchy of Burgundy would have enabled her to end her days in Château de Couches.