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Circuit n° 15 The Meursault-Blagny Trail

Historic ,  Oenological ,  Walking/pedestrian at Meursault

7.3 km
2h 30min
  • Departing from the site of St Christophe, after passing through the lightly woody stubble fields, the walker then comes out into the vineyards, in particular those of Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet’s Premiers Crus, not forgetting the historic sites of Blagny and the camp of Mont Milan.

    General Information :

    Start: 3 km west of Meursault: site of Saint Christophe
    Parking: at the end of the tarmac road at the top of the hill
    Distance: about 7 km
    Duration: about 2 hours 30
    Height gained: 180 m
    Level: family
    General Information :

    Start: 3 km west of Meursault: site of Saint Christophe
    Parking: at the end of the tarmac road at the top of the hill
    Distance: about 7 km
    Duration: about 2 hours 30
    Height gained: 180 m
    Level: family
    Markers: directional posts and paint marks on various objects (walls, trees, ground etc)
    Restrictions: TAKE CARE during the hunting season (September till end-February) and official culls.

    "Step by step" :

    From the car park, head for the Oratory of Saint Christophe 1. From here, there are two options:
    - Either from the statue, take the botanical introductory trail 2 (arrow) on the right looking towards Meursault and the plain, then in 600 m join the normal circuit at A.
    - Or, returning to the car park, turn left on the wide path (red and white markings of the GR®). On either side of the road are a few signs for the botanical introductory trail 2.
    - Ignore a vineyard road on the right and continue to climb slightly on the metalled road.
    - On the left at A we’re joined by the botanical path. Continue on the wide road.
    - At the entrance to the pine wood 3, ignore the path on the right and continue straight ahead, climbing slightly.
    - On the flat, turn left following the orange markers of the bridle way (post P22) (the GR® continues straight ahead). The path descends among the boxwood and pine trees with an opportunity to discover the plain of the Saône.
    - Entering the vineyards, keep going straight down past a small house (with security measures!).
    - Arriving at the junction, turn right on a stone-flanked path through the vineyards 4 and 5 (the bridle way continues straight ahead). Go past a small house near a conifer tree.
    - At the fork, take the path rising to the right.
    - Arriving at the new communal vineyard estate 6, turn left and head downwards.
    - At the fork, go straight ahead and then enter the vineyards of Meursault-Blagny.
    Turn left onto a wide straight path surrounded by vineyards 7 heading towards the hamlet.
    In the background, on the left, Chagny, and on the crest is the Bouzeron transmitter. The path is then tarred.
    - Arriving at the hamlet of Blagny 8 (post P36), turn right (the oncoming circuit no 23 continues left).

    - At the bend, the chapel is visible on the left. Continue along the small tarmac road which then turns left among the vines 9. Pass near the Oratory of St Charles (1740).
    - On top of the hill, leave the tarmac road (post P23) (view of the quarries of Chassagne-Montrachet), turn right then, in 10 m, turn left on a little trail which is rather steep at first and slippery in wet weather.
    - Climb quickly to the ridge, discovering in succession Saint-Aubin bypassed by the N 6, Gamay at the foot of the hill, and Roche Dumay 10.
    At the top, there’s a view of the southern part of the Côte de Beaune 11 (post P63).
    - Turn right, following the red and white markers of the GR76® to the car park.
    - The trail runs along the cliff edge.
    Looking at the plain, there’s a view of Chagny on the right then, moving left, Puligny Montrachet, the hamlet of Blagny and, in the distance, Meursault and then Beaune.
    - The path continues through the boxwood.
    - Go through a small pine wood. On exiting, turn right (GR® and bridle track markers). Through the pines and larches, you can see on the left the hamlet of Orches at the foot of the cliffs.
    - Continue north along the broad path.
    - Go straight ahead when the bridle path (orange markers) turns right and enter the car park 12.
    - Ignore the first path coming in from the right and then, at the next junction, turn right towards Auxey-Duresses.
    -Ignore a tarmac road on the right, take the bridge on the left, then turn left again and, in 50 metres, right to enter an alley between two walls coming out behind the church.
    - To start from Saint-Romain-le-Haut, pick up the description from the letter A.
  • Difference in height
    182.98 m
  • Documentation
    GPX / KML files allow you to export the trail of your hike to your GPS (or other navigation tool)
183 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 368 m
  • End altitude : 367 m
  • Maximum altitude : 436 m
  • Minimum altitude : 307 m
  • Total positive elevation : 183 m
  • Total negative elevation : -184 m
  • Max positive elevation : 71 m
  • Min positive elevation : -89 m