Passing through landscapes of countryside and vineyards of the Côte de Beaune, the picturesque curves of the Canal du Centre offers a great setting to get away from it all. It’s yours to explore on foot or bicycle along the towpaths, or by pleasure boat along the water.

Following the canal through Pays Beaunois

In Pays Beaunois, the Canal du Centre offers a gentle pleasure cruise, beautiful vistas and two unmissable stops. In keeping with the image of Burgundy, the first stop is a gourmet one in Chagny with the triple-starred Lameloise restaurant. On Sundays, make sure you take a little time to enjoy the atmosphere and market stalls so full of flavour. A little further on, in Santenay, the boats stop off in the southern vineyards of the Côte de Beaune. This is the time to explore by bike the wine villages along the Voie des Vignes, either towards the slopes of Maranges heading towards Nolay, or in the direction of Meursault, Pommard and Beaune.

Let’s cast off

Whether it’s a luxury cruise aboard a hotel barge or a houseboat for a family break on the water, you’re opting for a more gentle type of holiday.
In hotel barges, it’s all-inclusive, with luxury cabins, cultural and gourmet themed cruises offering you a break in the peace and quiet of Burgundy. Looking for freedom for a break with family or friends? Go for a houseboat. After a short introduction, you become the captain of your own ship, setting off to discover the landscapes at 5 km/hour, giving you the time to really enjoy a cruise in total freedom, time with family where you’re free to choose where you stop off!

Did you know...

Originally called the "Charolais Canal", it was dug between the Loire and the Saône to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean, and used to transport goods such as coal. All along its route, from Chalon sur Saône to Digoin, the Canal du Centre takes you on a 112 km trip, passing through 61 locks.