Les Remparts de Beaune

Fortified structure at Beaune

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  • The year 259 saw the beginning of a period of instability, with the invasions of Alemanni and Franks who, breaking through the fortified barrier of the Limes Germanicus, behind which they found no resistance, rapidly invaded Eastern and then South Gaul to reach Spain. In 355, a general onslaught of barbarians led to further destruction and required fortifications to be constructed. Thus was built the Castrum of Beaune. This would be the town's first ramparts, made up of walls 5 metres thick and 10 metres high with a dozen defensive towers and several access gates. With a 450 m perimeter, it protected an area of 2 hectares bounded by the Bouzaize (now covered by the Avenue de la République) and the current streets of Paradis and Maizières, which inherited their semi-circular shape.
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