Mixing tradition and modernity, check out these Burgundy companies with their exceptional know-how and delicious products.

The "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV - Living Heritage Company) label is a mark of recognition by the State set up to distinguish French companies with expert craftsmanship and industrial excellence.
In Burgundy, several companies have achieved this recognition. You can discover their products in their shops or visit their production sites. Follow the guide.

Moutarderie Fallot (Mustard Factory - Beaune)

The Fallot Mustard Factory, the last traditional independent family company in Beaune to manufacture mustard, invites you to discover this legendary condiment known throughout the world and yet so poorly understood...
Housed in an inner courtyard, just a few steps from the Hospices de Beaune, Etablissements Fallot is, in fact, the last company to prepare mustard according to recipes handed down for generations and to grind the seeds using stone wheels, thus providing the paste with all its taste qualities.

Pagès Védrenne and the Cassissium (Nuits-Saint-Georges)

Established in 1923 in the heart of Burgundy’s orchards, the company Pagès Védrenne specialises in the manufacture of macerated liqueurs, including the famous crème de cassis.
To learn more about this amazing world, the Cassissium offers a fun and interactive museum experience: with its numerous demonstrations involving touch, vision, smell and, of course, taste, enter the world of the blackcurrant where you will discover its history and its multiple uses, be it in cooking, pharmacy or even in perfumery. You can then continue with a guided tour of the Védrenne liqueur factory and a tasting of its many fruit creams, liqueurs and syrups.

Anis de Flavigny (Flavigny-sur-Ozerain)

A deliciously vintage box, a little aniseed candy – this is the simple formula, along with a certain know-how and a lot of love, that Anis de Flavigny® used to conquer the planet from Asia to America.
Today, Flavigny Abbey and its crypt is where Anis continues to be made by the Troubat Family. There’s a free tour to discover this rich know-how, along with a nice shop to visit.
In Beaune and the Pays Beaunois region, you’ll find Anis de Flavigny in a wide range of shops, grocery stores, wine cellars and so on.

Mulot & Petitjean gingerbread (Dijon and Beaune)

 ​Founded in 1796, Maison Mulot & Petitjean is the last company to inherit Dijon gingerbread from the 19th century. It produces gingerbread in all its forms: nonnettes (iced gingerbreads), glacés minces (glazed thins), pavé (loaf)...
Yours to discover in an authentic boutique located in Beaune town centre, close to the famous Hospices.        


Maison Champy

Maison Champy was founded in 1720. These 300 years of existence make it the oldest wine house in Burgundy. Suffice to say that visiting this place sends a shiver down your spine. Some big names are associated with it, like Louis Pasteur and Gustave Eiffel.

Originally a wine merchant and expert in cooperage, Maison Champy now cultivates 21 hectares of vineyards in Côte de Beaune, much of it in Biodynamic Agriculture. It remains one of the standard- bearers that spread Burgundy’s renown throughout the world.

In February 2021, Maison Champy was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label.