As you probably already know, Beaune is a city that has preserved its heritage, both architectural and intangible, extremely well. The "Balades en Bourgogne" app, downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play, transforms your mobile into an audio-guide that helps you discover the history of this Burgundy town.

How to install the "Balade à Beaune" guided tour?

1. Download the "Balades en Bourgogne" app from Apple Store or Google Play.

2. Find "Balade à Beaune" in the list of walks on the homepage or using the map. You can also use the "Search" magnifying glass.
3. Click "Balade à Beaune" and download the walk (bottom of the screen). Wait for it to download.

4. Tap "Start" at the bottom of the screen.
5. Enjoy!!

You also have access to detailed sheets that show you the secrets of the monuments and points of interest of the city.
If you wish, you can display a map and view points of interest on an interactive map. A simple click on the yellow and black arrow and you access the audio-guided tour of the site.

Useful tip

Before setting off to explore Beaune, use your accommodation's Wi-Fi to download the app and walk. You can then enjoy your visit to Beaune without worrying about your 4G connection. However, you will need your GPS to be geo-located if you want to use the guide system.

A guided tours app for all who love Burgundy

The Balades en Bourgogne app is easy to use. It’s just as well suited to history buffs as families. So come and discover Beaune. Its history, its iconic and hidden monuments, its famous faces and cinematic past will hold no more secrets for you.
From the Hôtel Dieu to the Rempart des Dames, Beaune reveals itself at walking pace.
Fans of the film La Grande Vadrouille can even take a selfie with Louis de Funès and Bourvil, who’ve been making us laugh for decades in this iconic film. You can share these magical moments with your children.

The "Balades en Bourgogne" app: a guide in your pocket

This app is the perfect companion when visiting our wonderful region and offers numerous advantages:
-Free app
-No risk of getting lost: a charming gentleman’s voice is there for you, telling you when to turn and which street to head for
- Battery saving: simply activate your geolocation to use the guidance system: you don't need to stay connected to the internet
-The commentary starts of its own accord, thanks to geolocation: you don't need to type a comment number like with an audio guide. But you can also activate them manually if you don't want to use GPS and self-guidance. Simply click on the chosen chapter, or by using the interactive map
-Comments are written on your screen:  if there is too much noise around you, you can read the comments
-The app runs in the background: you can do your tour, headphones on your ears and mobile in your pocket, strolling along at your own pace. You can also take pictures during your visit: the comments continue to be read out
-Visual richness: Comments are accompanied by historical photos that immerse you in the history of our beautiful town
-A tour at your own pace: Your visit is organised in independent stages. You can change the order of your tour, take breaks and go shopping along the way or sip a drink on the terrace.

Interested? Then visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the app. And if you haven't booked your stay yet, you’ll find your dream accommodation among our partners.