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A free applicationFor walking toursin the countryside and villages of Burgundy

Hike and bike in Burgundy : free application

Discover Beaune and the Pays Beaunois with the Balades en Bourgogne app

The “Balade en Bourgogne” app, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, turns your cell phone into an audio guide and lets you discover the treasures of our destination. Many itineraries are available on foot, by bike and even by car. Balade à Beaune is one of the most popular. Thanks to the application, you can discover the Burgundian city and its history.

Walks in Burgundy

To discover hidden treasures

From January 1 to December 31, set off on your own to discover the Burgundy countryside and the towns and villages of Pays Beaunois. The free app is an audio guide that follows you on all your walks. So you can stroll along the Voie des vignes, around the Colline de Corton, in the historic center of Beaune, in the villages of Santenay, Nolay or even on the circuit des crêtes, in the Hautes Côtes de Beaune, without having a map or guide.

Are you looking for bike tours in Pays Beaunois? The app offers commented itineraries in the vineyards and countryside.

First, test

A stroll through Beaune

To visit the capital of Burgundy wines and make sure you don’t miss a thing

In the city's secret alleys

A stroll in Beaune

The Balade en Bourgogne app is easy to use. It’s just as well suited to history buffs as it is to families. You set off to discover Beaune. Its history, its emblematic and hidden monuments, its illustrious characters, and its cinematic past will no longer hold any secrets for you.
From the Hôtel-Dieu to the Rempart des Dames, Beaune reveals itself to the rhythm of your steps.
Fans of the Grande Vadrouille will even be able to take a selfie with Louis de Funès and Bourvil, who have been making us laugh for decades in this mythical film. You can share these magical moments with your children.


Walks in Burgundy

The ideal companion for visiting our beautiful region

It offers many advantages:
  • Free application
  • No risk of getting lost

    The charming voice of a gentleman or lady will accompany you and tell you when to turn and which street to head for.

  • Battery saving

    Simply activate your geolocation to take advantage of guidance: you don’t need to stay connected to the Internet.

  • Comments start automatically

    Thanks to geolocation, you don’t need to type in a comment number as you would with an audio-guide. But you can also activate them manually if you don’t want to use GPS and auto guidance. All you have to do is click on the chapter you want, or use the interactive map.

  • Comments are written on your screen

    If there’s too much noise around you, you can read the comments.

  • Application operation in the background

    You can take your tour with your headphones on and your cell phone in your pocket, strolling along at your own pace. You can also take photos during your visit: the commentary continues to be read.

  • A wealth of photos

    The commentaries are accompanied by historical photos, allowing you to immerse yourself in the history of our beautiful city.

  • A visit at your own pace

    The tour is organized in independent stages. You can change the order of your visit, take breaks and enjoy shopping along the way or sip a drink on the terrace.

And explore the Pays Beaunois with

Santenay, a town of water in wine country

We invite you to discover the fascinating history of Santenay by walking in the footsteps of a Santenois. Along the way, he’ll tell you the story of Santenay’s thermal baths, as well as a few anecdotes about the legends and little stories that make up the town’s soul.

To follow this epic story, which dates back to Gallo-Roman times, nothing could be simpler: just download the Balades en Bourgogne app.

On this walk, which is within everyone’s reach, you’ll come across the Place du Jet d’eau, marking the importance of water in this spa town, the Château Philippe le Hardi and its different uses according to the eras, the Château de la Crée, the Casino de Santenay, the Thermes de Santenay of course, all recently (re) brought out of the ground. Keeping you company will be Gallo-Roman gods, a cycling legend, thwarted lovers and more.

Burgundy walks in

Nolay, a medieval town

Nolay is a medieval town in the Hautes-Côtes. It has preserved this architecture of half-timbered houses and its medieval covered market halls that give it its charm.

Daudine leads you through the narrow streets. She tells you the big story and the little one, that of her daily life as a tanner’s wife, numerous in Nolay at the time.

The itinerary takes you past the pretty Saint-Pierre chapel, through the vineyards of Domaine Bergeret overlooking Nolay, and from where you can see the viaduct. Head back down to the center to learn more about the Carnots – yes, the famous Carnots who left their mark on Nolay, but also on France. And you’ll also get to know the Jacquemarts.