30 km south of Beaune, near Chagny, a visit to Château de Germolles, the best preserved residence of the Dukes of Burgundy, offers a rich evocation of ducal court life in the late Middle Ages.

A little history

In 1380, the Duke of Burgundy Philippe le Hardi offered this château to his wife Marguerite of Flanders. Originally austere, this "strong house" would be transformed into a luxurious country residence by the Duchess which drew in the best artists from the Burgundy school. This building, witness to the refinement of the princely court on the eve of the Renaissance, is now in a unique state of conservation.

An exceptional place to visit

During the tour, you will discover in particular the hall of honour, chapels and ducal apartments decorated with heraldic frescos. These form part of the main building, a vast ensemble over 3 floors, which forms the highlight of the tour. It gives an accurate overview of the pomp of the Burgundy court. The tour of the gardens, reworked at the end of the 19th century in the English romantic style, is a pleasant extension to your visit.

Useful to know

It’s the owners themselves who will guide you around the château. Enthusiastic and well read, they will share with you the great history as well as anecdotes related to the ducal residence. It has not finished delivering up its secrets, which are revealed during ongoing research carried out by the owners and through archaeological excavations.