Around Chagny3 charming Burgundy villages

Near Chagny

Chagny is 20 minutes from Beaune. It’s a pretty little town in Burgundy where life is good. And don’t be fooled by its provincial airs, Chagny is full of surprises, and you’ll be amazed by its dynamism. In its wake are a number of pretty Burgundy villages. Here are our favorites.

01. Ebaty

Between history and oenology

Through a small departmental road winding between fields of rapeseed and cereals, you’ll leave Chagny to reach Ebaty, 15 minutes away by bike, or 5 minutes by car.

Take time for a break before continuing on, for example, to the Château de Mimande, fiefdom of Armand Heitz, the farmer-winemaker-restaurateur.

2. Chaudenay

You’ve just had lunch at Chez Armand, come back to Saône et Loire to reach Chaudenay. Unless you’re stopping for the night at the gîte of our winemaker, Armand Heitz. It sits on the site of the Château de Mimande, between this pretty village and Ebaty.

Good to know

Armand Heitz has opened a cellar in Pommard. He organizes oenological escapes.

"The red is on


The Côte de Beaune exception

Pommard and its great red wines await you.

3. Corpeau

The next morning, return to Côte d’Or, pass La Dheune again and settle at the Vieux Vigneron table. Bresse chicken with epoisses and snails challenge each other “which one will end up on your plate?”.

Burgundy has a soul

Its villages

In search of

the best aromas

After this brief overview, you’ll soon realize that there’s not just one Burgundy, but many. Allow yourself to make discoveries, stroll through unspoilt countryside and be surprised by encounters with winegrowers, cultural gems and fine products to taste. There’s so much more to experience in the Pays Beaunois!