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Around Meursault13 villages between vineyards and bocage

Near Meursault

A village with 19 1er Crus, Meursault lies halfway between Beaune and Chagny. Its vineyards, almost all white (Chardonnay), cover just under 400 hectares. In other words, it’s all about the vines in the surrounding villages. But some have much more to offer, and we’d like to tell you more.

01. Auxey-Duresses

You have to pass Meursault to discover this pretty village, nestled between its vineyards. It’s at the entrance to the valley that leads to La Rochepot and Autun. In summer, the winemakers welcome you to Coup d’Œil, Coup de Cœur, a lovely, friendly village fête. The rest of the year you’ll find a pretty cellar for tasting wines from Burgundy and beyond.

2. Bligny-lès-Beaune

Sometimes you have to stray a little from the Route des Grands Crus to find your haven of peace… Away is a strong word, because you’ll need just 20 minutes by bike to reach Bligny-lès-Beaune and the gîtes where you’ll spend a wonderful night with family or friends.

Good to know

L’Escale de Jules et Lily in Bligny-lès-Beaune is the perfect solution for cousinades, frérades and other family celebrations. 4 guest rooms and 4 gîtes in a 3000 m2 park 😊.

3. Corcelles-les-Arts

Let’s stay on the plain and drive on to Corcelles-les-Arts. A few rows of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and some fields. It’s a good place to put down your suitcases, as the digestive stroll will help you discover the heritage of this beautiful village. And because a “Aubergiste” welcomes you for dinner and more.

The Innkeeper

The place lives up to its name. You can eat like you’re at home, and sleep as a family. Two gîtes (Workshop 1 and Workshop 2) and bed and breakfast to sleep with your large family.

4. Merceuil

Here’s the must-visit village for Beaune summers. As soon as temperatures rise above 25°, Beaune residents flock to Beaune Côté Plage, in the commune of Merceuil. The natural swimming pools offer an idyllic setting for spending quality time with young and old alike.

5. Tailly

Nature to the south, north, east and west. And walks accessible to all in less than two hours. Tailly is a paradise for parents who want to teach their children to hike for more than 15 minutes. And for that, les Etangs d’Or are a good training ground.

Good to know

Privatize a château for your wedding, that’s what thee Château de Tailly. And you don’t have to get married to sleep at the château, they also offer bed and breakfast by the unit 😉

6. Montagny-lès-Beaune

Here’s the must-visit village for Beaune summers. As soon as temperatures rise above 25°, Beaune residents flock to Beaune Côté Plage, in the commune of Montagny-lès-Beaune. The natural pools provide an idyllic setting for good times with young and old alike.

Good to know

Coming from Paris and heading south for the vacations? We’ve got the mid-tour just for you. One minute you’re getting off the freeway, the next you’re entering the production site of Veuve Ambal, producer of Crémant de Bourgogne.

Large family... happy family...

Group gîtes

Planning a party with friends? A reunion with friends? Choose Burgundy and find your group accommodation.

7. Mavilly-Mandelot

Leaving the plain behind, we climb towards the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune. Mavilly-Mandelot looms over the landscape like a Gustave Courbet painting. The sepia-tinted stone of the houses against a natural backdrop of deep greens. Welcome to Burgundy.

Good to know

When we tell you that Burgundy is the perfect region for reunions. La Goutte d’Or is a large-capacity gîte, ideal for spending quality time with the family.

8. Meloisey

We’re in the Hautes-Côtes, so why not stay a little longer? Whether you come by car (15 minutes) or by bike (45 minutes from Beaune, the same from Meursault, it’s a bit of a climb… ), you’ll appreciate this wine village that Burgundians like to visit during the Festives, every other year.

9. Monthélie

Its name sounds like a line of poetry by Lamartine. The village of Monthélie has all the elegance. And what can we say about its red wine, similar to that of Volnay? Behind the walls, Monthélie’s winegrowers hide a treasure trove.

10. Volnay

It’s perched just above the Route des Grands Crus, a few minutes before you reach Meursault, the beautiful village of Volnay. It’s like going to heaven, with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. The wine is good and the Burgundians welcoming.

Good to know

It was a family home with a beautiful cellar. It’s a restaurant where it’s good to discover authentic Burgundy dishes and good wine from here and elsewhere. Nathalie welcomes you to Cellier Volnaysien.

11. Pommard

Do we still need to introduce the mythical village of Pommard? Certainly, because while everyone knows it by name, no one can imagine the charm of this tiny village with such a big name. Here you’ll discover noble residences, renowned wine estates and a fascinating vernacular heritage.

Burgundy has a soul

Its villages

In search of

the best aromas

After this brief overview, you’ll soon realize that there’s not just one Burgundy, but many. Allow yourself to make discoveries, stroll through unspoilt countryside and be surprised by encounters with winegrowers, cultural gems and fine products to taste. There’s so much more to experience in the Pays Beaunois!