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The village is located near Nolay, at the bottom of a green valley where the Cozanne trout river flows. At the foot of the Bout du Monde reculée and its waterfall, a “refuge” for peregrine falcons and white-bellied swifts, and a veritable dictionary of protected cave flora and fauna, the village of Cormot-Vauchignon is a unique and remarkable site for enchanting hikes and bike rides. Cormot-Vauchignon is the starting point for several hiking trails, including “Saint-Antoine par la voie romaine”. Its St. Antoine chapel is dominated by cliffs, a popular climbing site with 237 routes. The Great Horned Owl keeps watch.

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For hiking

At Cormot-Vauchignon, we have THE perfect hike to get away, get some fresh air, disconnect from all worries: Circuit du Cirque du Bout du Monde. Set off early in the morning to make the most of the ride. Grab your swimsuits, picnic, hats and sunglasses and head for adventure in Burgundy. What’s the best time for this hike? Late spring and early July. It’s not too crowded yet, and there’s still enough water to have fun.

And if the 10 kilometers are a pain, pretend you’re a centurion and hike the 6 short kilometers of the Voie Romaine on circuit N° 20 de Saint-Antoine.

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