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The birthplace of Philippe Pot, from which its name derives, and which became La Roche-Fidèle during the French Revolution, La Rochepot’s narrow streets hold many vestiges of its past, in the shadow of its castle, perched on a rocky outcrop. It has been destroyed several times since the first buildings were erected in the 11th century. It was brought back to life in the 19th century by Colonel Sadi Carnot, son of the French President. Today, it can be admired from the road overlooking the village.

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For hiking

Tour N°18 “Circuit des Roches” can also start at La Rochepot. Starting here rather than in Orches, Saint-Romain or Baubigny, you’ll discover details you may have missed. What’s certain is that you’ll enjoy taking photo breaks very often to admire the views over the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune and its villages. Vineyards and forests follow one another in the landscape for the simple purpose of making you happy.

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