Arts et Scènes Côte-d'Or : Les Romanesques (Compagnie 800L de paille)

Les romanesques (Compagnie 800 Litres de paille) à Baubigny

Art and shows, Theatre, Theatre in Baubigny
  • By the 800 Litres de paille company.

    Part of the Arts et Scènes Côte-d'Or season organised by the Conseil Départemental de la Côte-d'Or.

    A wall separating two gardens and the audience. A boy and a girl who think they're Romeo and Juliet. Two fathers pretending to hate each other. A professional kidnapper who appears out of nowhere.

    Suitable for all ages 12 and up - Running time: 1 h 35
  • Rates
  • Free
  • On January 21, 2024 at 4:00 PM