Les Etangs d'Or - Parc Eco Loisirs de Merceuil Tailly

Fishing ,  Hiking at Merceuil

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  • Come and discover the Etangs d'Or, a natural area designed for family walks, fishing and discovering natural environments, just a stone's throw from MERCEUIL and only a few minutes from BEAUNE!
    The Etangs d'Or, the Eco Leisure Park of MERCEUIL TAILLY, welcomes you onto its more than 200 hectares and 16 lakes designed for fishing and discovering the natural environment.
    The paths created, partly by the National Landscaping School of VERSAILLES, are shaded or sunny and with no noticeable height change. The aim of this arrangement is to allow families to discover the fauna and flora of this natural preserved area. Follow the explanatory panels and discover an exceptional richness from the point of view of biodiversity.
    There are picnic areas and children's play areas near the car parks. Hides alongside the lakes mean you can watch various species of birds, such as herons (little bitterns and Eurasian bitterns), kingfishers and coots, as well as game typical of the region (wild boar, deer, badger, fox and hare).
    Throughout the year, the Community of the Agglomeration of BEAUNE Côte and Sud and SUEZ offer free themed events in partnership with Truite Beaunoise, the League for the Protection of Birds of the Côte-d'Or, the Conservation Agency for Burgundy's Natural Spaces and the Federation of Côte-d'Or for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment.
    People with reduced mobility are welcome on site, where picnic tables and fishing pontoons are specially designed for them.
    The site is open every day and admission is free.
    Access to the Etangs d'Or:
    - coming from BEAUNE (exit BEAUNE-Centre on the A6), take the D 23 towards MERCEUIL
    - coming from CHALON-SUR-SAONE and DEMIGNY, take the D 18 towards TAILLY