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Discover the heritage of Burgundy's villages

With guided tours
Burgundy's rich and varied heritage Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Meursault, Santenay, Chagny and Nolay

Over the centuries, these villages have preserved their authentic charm. From their renowned vineyards and picturesque architecture, to their culinary and cultural traditions, every nook and cranny of these villages reveals a piece of Burgundy’s soul. Come and discover the secrets of ancient cobbled streets, wine-growing châteaux and centuries-old churches that bear witness to the region’s eventful history.

Discover Meursault

Follow in the footsteps of Bourvil and de Funès to discover the heritage of the wine village of Meursault. La Grand Vadrouille attracts millions of viewers every time it’s shown. Discover the film’s locations and anecdotes.

The tour will also tell you about the special relationship between the vineyards, the heritage, the history and the actors, who are all lovers of fine wines and gastronomy.

Discover the vineyards of Hautes-Côtes and Nolay

Follow in the footsteps of a winemaker from the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune. This nature getaway will teach you more about the special characteristics of Burgundy wines. A new winemaker takes you along every week, so make the most of these visits all season long.

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Visiting the villages

Discover the history of Côte d’Or villages with the Balades en Bourgogne smartphone app.

Visit at your own pace.